1. babyblueCE

    Car Audio Security messed up won't accept liability

    Hello all. My bro in law recently purchased a 3 series BMW coupe 10 plate and gave it into Car Audio Security, who are based in west London, to do a professional audio installation in his car. They advised would take 3 hours costing £240 in labour charges. In their care the lighting module...
  2. M

    Messed up electrics!! 1999 clk

    So, I was actually trying to find out why my drivers seat stopped working.....after me fiddling around with fuses my remote locking is playing up too. I disconnected the battery to perhaps reset things but now it is running rough too.What have I done!!!!! Also fuse number 4 in the boot, what...
  3. S

    Halfords Autocentres messed up undertrays - where to get new ones cheap?

    Hi Took my car (E300TD 1998) for oil change (£50 for fuel service plus) to Halfords Autocentres. What they did is attached the middle undercover to the front undercover with palstic straps and not to the body of the car at all. As the result the undertray was hitting the surface at any...
  4. S9KSY

    DOH! I must've messed up interior light wiring

    E280 Estate Automatic W124 1995 I replaced one of the tailgate gas struts and tailgate function is now superb. However, the lights of the trunk, the d- and the c-pillars stay on. I tried all combinations of control switches (see below) with no response. I must have screwed somthing up. :doh...
  5. japimport

    ive messed up big time help please

    hi everyone ive messed up reparing my arches everything was grand til i got to laquering ive left lines on the bodywork from the tape that i had around the arch it looks crap im so disapointed in my self what can i do now can i buff the lines out with a buffer (what can i do)
  6. D

    REG VARDY may have messed up

    Had my car in at the dealer for a respray went to pick the car up today it started first time then second time it wouldnt start it wouldnt even tick over. The guys at the garage were very unhelpful which wasnt a surprise to me.. I had the AA bump start me and car is now sitting at a local indie...
  7. M

    Friends Nokia 6230 messed up our UHI Comand interface

    My wife has a December 2004 (facelifted) C-Class Estate. Last week a friend placed his 6230 in the 6230 compatible armrest cradle, despite not being recognised by the Comand it also appears to have messed up the system a little. My wife has used her 6230 without any problems since new but...
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