1. G

    Faint hot metal smell at speed?

    I recently noticed a very faint hot metal smell at speed, say over 90mph - on private roads, naturally ... :crazy: Is it ball bearings? - I had OSF replaced a few month ago. I also think it is when the S mode is selected, although I haven't driven in C mode for a while, other than in town...
  2. Mr-Goose

    Metal scratching sound coming from rear wheel

    I've had my 2012 E350 Coupe about three or four weeks. I have a sound coming from the rear passenger side wheel. I generally can only hear it when driving at fairly low speeds. At first I though a rogue bit of bodywork was loose and rubbing against the wheel. I've had a look and can't see...
  3. wu56Shoozz

    A New Heavy Metal Tribute Band ..

    "Twisted F***** Seat Belts" Is it me or Mercedes make crap seat belts.. both my Vito and C Class suffer this and it gets annoying, whereby you unclip the belt go to get out the vehicle and..there's a pool of belt lying in the floorwell, but its twisted up at the pillar and jammed in the...
  4. brucemillar

    124 Wagon. Metal Door Sill Entry Plates.

    Folks If anybody is breaking a 124 Wagon or knows of a set of metal 124 door sill entry plates? Please give me shout. I have the plastic mushroom ones which look okay, but I think that some nice polished metal ones would be better. Thank you. Bruce
  5. Dogbreath

    Exhaust tips.. Metal polish ?

    Hi The tips on my exhaust look horrible, last owner must have never touched them so I was wondering what is best to get the black baked on stuff that's on the edges off. I've bought some Autosol but thought I would ask to see if there's anything better so I'm not doing it twice... Anything that...
  6. Bigrichw

    04/06/16 - Statstone - Show us your metal Anybody off here attend these? And is anybody going this Saturday? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. D

    The XF-R: Jekyll & Hyde in the metal.

    Having owned my XF-R for just shy of a month now, I thought it'd be worth putting my experience thus far into black and white. Starting from the beginning... I bought it unseen, seller was a genuine chap from over Cheshire way and he described the condition very well and was very upfront...
  8. Bazfaldo

    Replacing O2 sensors - Metal wire guide clip needed

    Hi All, I am replacing my upstream O2 sensors on my CLK55, I have the Bosch sensors I bought from my local Merc dealer but I am having trouble trying to find a part number for a metal sensor lead guide that clips onto the sensor. The parts dept guy couldn't find it in the EPC and doesn't show...
  9. A

    Is there in interest in importing rust free sheet metal

    All, I'm ex pat Brit living in Texas and I have serious car hobby that usually results in me buying a number of parts cars that i use to fix my cars ,and then sell parts off to fund the hobby. The majority of cars that I buy are Mercedes Benz from the 70's and 80's like the W108/W109, W107...
  10. S

    Plastic or metal centre caps?

    My genuine centre caps like other I see are starting to corrode.:mad: I'm looking at replacing them with a new set of genuine one but just came across this site, they appear to be plastic so in theory won't suffer the same fate, has anyone else used these or similar and had good results? or...
  11. R

    W211 metal rattling from front passenger side

    Got this real annoying rattling coming from front passenger side E220 CDI ANVATARGE 08 :154,000 ml , can't hear with windows shut but if open drives me mad Anyone any ideas, not really mechanically minded is there anything I could look for to check...
  12. B

    Gearbox breaking? Metal bits in rubber plug of gearbox bell housing of 2008 320 CDI

    Hi guys, I apologise for asking a question straight off :confused: Wonder if anyone is able to advise. I have a C320 CDI 2008 (W204) with a 7-speed gearbox which has done 42,000 miles. I was about to have the gearbox oil and filter change, but mechanic then showed me the inside of the rubber...
  13. jay1983

    Heating up metal at home

    Hey everyone. Strange question this but I intend on changing my ARB bushes but have read horror stories regarding bolts shearing off etc. what kind of item could I use to heat up the metal sufficiently to reduce the risk of shearing the bolts. Would a torch a plumber used to solder be ok to...
  14. E

    Pressed metal gaskets

    Hi there Just a general question about embossed metal gaskets. Does It matter which way they face. Thanks EMH
  15. ioweddie

    Thinking of getting metal detectors fro the grandsons for Christmas and advice

    Metal detectors!!! No idea whats what, So much choice. Please help. Need a couple for the grandsons 6 and 9 years old going on 20. Cheers Eddie:dk:
  16. S

    Metal Window trim..

    Hi Guys, Different day, different question! The metal window trim around the rear quarter window is coming off, it's still attached around the bottom but as it goes up and around the window it's come off. I've tried to clip it back in but it doesn't stay, does any one know if they used some...
  17. Andy730

    I need a new metal front brake pipe for A140

    Hi to the group. My local mechanic was going to replace the rubber brake lines on my daughters A140 following finding that it had a split in it. The problem is that corrosion has got hold of the associate nut on the metal pipe and even mole grips can't get it off. This mean brute force is...
  18. gIzzE

    ML Metal Dog Guard - 98-01 - The £400 one!

    I have a one of the metal dog guards for sale for a '98-01 W163 ML. This is the heavy duty metal one, these are over £400 from Mercedes. This one... DOG GUARD - M Class 1998 - 2005 Accessories - Mercedes-Benz Parts, Inchcape This is in very good condition, never actually been used...
  19. A

    Copy of metal key cut?

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has managed to get a copy of the metal key blade cut by a locksmith (I have the type shown in the attached pic which slots into the fob)? I tried one near me but he said the whole fob has to be replaced and will cost £200 ish. My fob works fine I just...
  20. sherco450

    w210 E240 metal filings & grinding around pulley area

    Haven't had a chance to have a closer look ,bucketing down with rain. Started the v6 this morning and grinding noise was heard. Shut down the engine, lifted bonnet and saw a heap of metal filings around tension pulley /crank shaft area. what will be the worst . lm aware of the pulley tensions...
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