1. The _Don

    MB sends new £25k car 189 meters down a Cheshire salt mine to prove it has true grit
  2. blondebier

    Smart meters

    Due to the recent hike the Gas and Electricity prices I'm looking to change supplier. One supplier I came across (First Utility) are quite competitive and they seem to be offering Smart Meters on one of their products ahead of the full national rollout. I'd quite like on of these. (I think :))...
  3. M

    Quick question about utility meters

    Hi All, Just bought a new house and it is fitted with pay-as-you-go type gas and electric meters. Can I have them changed to normal meters or will they charge me to change them?
  4. Juan B

    ABS problem at first meters driven.

    Hello everyone. Yesterday I removed the front ABS sensors of my car, for cleaning. They were not very dirty, but yes a little. I have not cleaned the teeth of the hub, because I have not known how do it. I thouth in a brake cleaner through the hole of the ABS sensor and with the help of a...
  5. 230K

    Anyone know anything about PAYG gas meters??

    Hi We have just got gas in to run the Rayburn cooker and partial heating and it is a pay as you go meter. Here in Belfast we are due a 30% rise in gas prices soon and i was wondering if i keep topping up the gas say to £500 or £1000 will i get the gas at the pre increase price or do they do...
  6. W

    BOSCH spare parts - fuel distributors, air flow meters, EHA valves etc etc

    Bosch Automotive Tradition - Parts - Current reproduced products Very welcome news for the older MB owners amongst us :o No idea on pricing/availability etc, but I imagine a local Bosch agent/service centre would be able to advise :) Will
  7. E

    Water meters

    What ever next? :mad:
  8. kbhogalW126

    Air Mass Meters on sale at GSF

    Found Air mass meters on sale at GSF Parts. Part number M18773 Air Mass meter for: 202: C200CDI,C220CDI 98>00C180,C200,C230K MID '96>00 230,C250TURBODIESEL 95>00 208: CLK200,CLK200K,CLK230K 97>99 210: E200,E230 97>02 Only £180.00 & VAT If this is a cheap price I hope it helps someone out...
  9. T

    Motoring militia bomb parking meters

    Motoring militia bomb parking meters A £5,000 reward has been offered to catch the mastermind behind the bombing of 200 parking meters. More than £300,000 damage has been caused to the ticket machines with vandals - thought to be disgruntled motorists - stuffing explosive devices into coin...
  10. A

    Mass Air Flow Meters seems to fit many Mercs
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