1. T

    Un chorro on the Madrid Metro

    Members this flashed upon my screen last Sunday with a Mariachi and his decorative chorro which announced to me "son" Los Mariachis Real de Mexico. This easily explains that music breaks borders, and frontiers . Brings people, together of different cultures, languages , & faith Yes! Brings...
  2. andy27168

    6R4 Metro replica

    Hi, What an awesome project for someone, 1991 mg metro 6r4 replica, project (cosworth evo sti wrx rs turbo kit car) | eBay
  3. M

    Metro fail

    The motoring page in today's Metro is devoted to a Christmas shopping trip around London, with Stig Mk1 as the driver and a C63 AMG (sorry, I know...) as his steed. The car barely gets a mention in the article, other than to note that its "3.5 litre V6" engine is of limited use in the city. :doh:
  4. Gucci

    CLK 350 sport OR a Metro? 'Yes I drive a £40,000's parked outside' :eek:
  5. grasmere

    Rover Metro forum wanted - any ideas please?

    Rover Metro forum wanted - any ideas please? I'm trying to get advise regarding a carburettor problem with my daughters Rover Metro, anyone know of an active forum please, I've found a couple, but wondered if there are more . . .
  6. Ian B Walker

    Project Metro

    I am posting these pictures here for Lotusmark2. Not really sure what section they should go in and no doubt they will be moved :D I will leave the write up to Mark.
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