1. moonloops

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4

    Having ditched the poxy Pirelli P Zero's what a revelation the Michelin's are. I can now do the following when it's raining. 1. Drive forward without traction control light flashing away. 2. Drive round corners at more than 5 mph :bannana: 3. Not sure of the grip in reverse, Michelin been...
  2. BaldGuy

    XXX Mercedes C Class W203 Coupe 16" Alloys with Michelin tyres XXX

    XXX Mercedes C Class W203 Coupe 16" Alloys with Michelin tyres XXX I have for sale 4 x 16" Alloys from my 2004 Mercedes C Class Coupe, these are in good condition and you can bolt them straight on There is some flaking of the paint but these are perfectly usable You can see from the...
  3. BaldGuy

    XXX Michelin Cross Climate x 4 As new 600 miles XXX

    I have 4 x Michelin Cross Climate tyres that have done 600 miles... 4 x 205 - 55 - 16 £70 each New.... £200 for all 4... currently on some C Class alloys
  4. ShaunB

    Michelin Pilot Super Sport 255/30/19

    Guys Brand new and still in shrink wrap. £175 and preferable collection, so aimed at the local Northern Ireland guys.
  5. A

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4S on C63

    Anyone tried the new MPS4S on a C63 yet? Supposed to be the replacement for the Super sport, was intending to go wider (to 265) on the rear but it seems they only come in 255/30/19 and not 265?
  6. C63PTL

    265/30/19 Michelin Pilot SS

    Hi As Title I have two for sale, they were on my car for two days driving but rubbed on the wheel arch when I went over a big dip in the road (I changed the offset of the wheels) so replaced them with 255/30/19, so they are practically brand new. Looking for £300.00+£15.00p&p. Cheers Paul
  7. como

    Michelin CrossClimate

    Had Michelin's all season CossClimate tyres fitted in December. It's the first time I have departed from the Contis. So today we have plenty of the white stuff and I have to say they performed brilliantly. Unless something drastic happens to them in the coming months I'm now a total convert.
  8. A

    Michelin tyres

    Anyone had experience with Michelin energy saver tyres? I have a C200 Thanks if anyone can help
  9. carnut

    Via Michelin SD Card

    MY 2015 model SL400 has Comand that has a Via Michelin SD card function but I cant find any info about getting such card. Does anyone know where to get one.? Is it download to a normal blank SD or is it available from MB ? ( ps my local dealer doesn't know!)
  10. Sylvo

    Michelin crossclimate 225/55r16 99w

    For those that are interested I recently had a full new set fitted on my 1994 SL, after much research and deliberation. Best price fitted at home was kwik-fit mobile, 419.00 all in and the bloke fitted chrome dust caps (FOC). Very impressed with the service. Have done a few miles since, the...
  11. Sylvo

    Michelin crossclimate 225/55r16 99w

    I want to upgrade my tyres and have done a bit of research, also got a long trip to Scotland for hols coming up so want to get done before I go. This is what I am thinking of having fitted, MICHELIN CROSSCLIMATE 225/55R16 99W Has anyone tried these, be grateful for any feed back...not...
  12. R

    Set of 19" Michelin Pilot Super Sport for sale. Only done around 100 miles.

    I have a set of Michelin Super Sports for sale. I bought them for a set of alloys I intended to fit to my C63. They've only done 100 miles or so as I decided to keep the car on its original wheels. The fronts are 235/35 ZR19 and the rears 265/30 ZR19. Sensible offers only please...
  13. R

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4 Tyres x4 18"

    I have 4 Michelin Pilot Sport tyres off my C63 for sale. These tyres are less than 1 month old and have covered less than 1,000 miles. No damage, even wear and in excellent condition. Selling as changing to 19". Paid £540 4 weeks ago for them. Open to offers. Collection from Heathrow/Windsor...
  14. M

    My New 'Summer' Tyres - Michelin Pilot Sport 4

    OK, so after much debate I've decided to keep my recently refurbished AMG 18" alloys and use them as a Summer set (replacing the MAK Stern alloys/Nokian Weatherproof tyres I've had on over the Winter) - separate thread/pics to come when they've been fitted. Looking at what tyres to fit, in the...
  15. F

    C63 - Michelin Pilot Super Sport - oversize?

    Hi there, Just got myself a C63, loving it so far. A quick question, is anyone running wider than OEM spec tyres on their C63? I've always ran slightly wider tyres on my M3s etc, not sure what the C63 can take. Looking to run 10mm spacers as well, but will sacrifice this to get some...
  16. MOR8A

    1x brand new Michelin Pilot Super Sport 275/30 ZR 19 96Y

    As stated, one brand new tyre never used or mounted. PM if interested.
  17. Cousy

    Tyres - Michelin Pilot super sport prices.

    Looking at a set of Michelin Pilot super sport tyres for a C63 Coupe and the best price I can find is £648 delivered from black circles. I think this is a reasonable price, does anyone have a recommendation to find a better price? (If only we lived in warmer climates, I'd love a set of...
  18. R

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4

    Has anybody tried these yes in 18" size? Was considering these as a replacement for Conti SPC 5. They're a brand new tyre and tech so should be an improvement. Thoughts?
  19. L

    Michelin Pilot Sport 3 255 35 18 Tyre

    Hi Guys, After having a puncture which is beyond repair, I'm looking for a part worn tyre to match the other side of my car. It needs to be a Michelin Pilot Sport 3 in the 255 35 18 size, current tyres are on 3.5-4mm, anything in the similar range would be of interest! I'm based in...
  20. HB

    Michelin super sports on E63.

    As above has anyone tried them on the E63. Done 13k now and going to replace all 4. It's on Pzeros from new but fancied trying these. Any opinions guys.
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