1. N

    Micra bumper fixable?

    What do you reckon? Is this fixable or does it need a new bumper. The car is 10 y.o. & driven by an elderly lady. Presentable rather than concours is the desired outcome. If it's fixable can anyone recommend a repairer in the Leatherhead-ish, Guildford-ish area? Ta!
  2. D

    When a Micra is not a Micra

    Picked this up from Pistonheads. Just mental! crazy Swedes micra, Rwd - Cisco's Micra Files
  3. newbitz1957

    Nissan Micra for sale

    I`ve been asked to sell my mums Nissan micra, thought I would offer it here first just in case some one might be looking for a small car for someone to learn to drive in..... if not then its going on thiefbay Nissan Micra 1.0s First reg October 2000 reg no X498 WCD mileage.. 013228 One...
  4. vibesg

    Micra's dead Long live the Micra

    Mrs Vibesg was starting a new job this morning so she left pretty early. She phoned around 8.30 to report her location. She was on the M40 Southbound when she reported a clackety noise in the engine. I advised her to pull over at the next service station and I'll talk her through. She was...
  5. F

    Book Value of a Nissan Micra 1999

    Could someone please advise what the book value should be for a Nissan Micra 1.3 GX 5 Door Hatchback registered in September 1999? The vehicle is automatic with 26000 miles and has metallic paint. Thanks PS. It is for a friend and not me! :o
  6. simonl

    Is a labotomy a no cost option on a Micra???

    Waiting at traffic lights in Lane 1 of a dual carriageway today. The road eventually merges into a single carriage way ahead as the road narrows and a cycle lane begins. Bloke in his Micra is in Lane 2. Behind him is a traffic cop (C320 with nice styling :p). Lights change. Me in "Saint...
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