1. M

    Micro bubbles on boot lid

    Hi - I just gave my new 2011 c220 cdi red saloon a wash and noticed hundreds of small bubbles in the paintwork - is this common and can I take it to merc as car is only 4.5 years old? - I bought the car second hand from a dealer - bubbles are all over the boot lid
  2. M

    Were can i found my micro switch or softtop relay on my clk 2001

    My battery as gone flat and my partner got a battery on it now the roof will not come down and someone said check micro switch but I don't know we're it is
  3. developer

    Micro SD Cards

    I want to buy two micro SD cards for my son's EE Kestrel phones. Any reasons not to buy 32gb ones - reliability perhaps? I note that there are various classes for sale (class 4, class 10, for example) - what's the difference and are any particularly suitable for mobile phones? Thanks,
  4. J

    Boot/Trunk micro switches

    W203 Saloon/Sedan. Boot open light remains on - gives alarm - even though closed. My assumption is that the problem is a faulty micro switch. I have read through many forums but cannot determine where the switch is. Is it in the latch/lock or is it in the lock/handle? Wherever it is can it be...
  5. Rashman

    The New C63 "Micro"

    Lol! :D
  6. chubbs111

    micro sd problems

    hi guys ive just bought a micro sd card reader its just a usb gadget that you insert your micro card i took some pics with my phone placed the card in the reader tried to open the pics and a box pops up saying windows is unable to open this file as its a nrw file anyone any ideas please
  7. proser

    Hella Micro DE fog lamps

    NOS. £25 delivered uk mainland
  8. Londonscottish

    Anyone Tried Micro Scalextric?

    Hi there has anyone tried Micro Scalextric? I'm thinking of getting the McLaren Vodaphone Mercedes F1 set for my five and a half yr old boy. The reviews are mixed from "the best present ever" to "fiddly and the cars/track go wrong". Hmm...sounds just like Scalextric from when I was a kid.
  9. nigel cross

    Micro sd hc cards

    Confused I am My pc will read a 2 gb mico sd hc card when fitted into a sd adapter. If I change it to a 4 or 8 gb card it cant. Same problem with my laptop. Both windows XP. If i fit this card into a mp player it can see it ok. But it I then attach the mp player to my pc it cant see the...
  10. sgtbob

    Micro Fuzion

    Thinking of getting a radar/laser/speed camera detector. Have been looking around and they are quite pricy and require quite hefty subscriptions etc. Saw the Micro Fuzion website, and the systems on there look quite good. Just wondering if anyone has got one/had one or knows if they are any...
  11. Tan

    Micro Systems

    Hi I am looking to buy a new micro system for the bedroom, I was going to buy a Bose sound dock, but have been thinking of micro systems more recently as they are more versatile. Does anyone have any experience of Onkyo? I have seen the following system at Richer Sounds...
  12. ROLANDRAE1972

    Micro Switch Sendor

    Wanted Micro Switch Sendor For STEERING LOCK / COLUMN ON C220 Estate 2003 Year As I Have Been Told Mine Is Sending Out Wrong Signal, Its A Manual Ajust Steering Column.
  13. M

    New Micro Road Pilot

    Morpheous the geodessy GPS speed trap people have just released this . and they have reduced the price of the geodessy plus by £75 link
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