1. Piff

    W207 microphone locatiin

    SWMBO is struggling with linguatronic particularly after receiving a text message and linguatronic asking her for instructions. Linguatronic is not hearing her replies. Can anyone advise where the microphone is located so she can direct her voice to it. Secondly, is there a volume control for...
  2. N

    Connecting NTG2.5 to existing phone microphone

    Hi I am new to this forum and to MB. I am currently retro fitting NTG2.5 to my early 2008 W211 that currently has the old Audio 20 system and wired phone installation. I have all the adaptors, leads and GPS antenna required for the fit however I don't know where I need to run the cable...
  3. L

    NTG2.5 refit in W639 - microphone problem

    Hi, I've replaced the NTG2 in my W639 Vito Sport-X (2007) with an NTG2.5. With all the useful information on this forum I've moved the pins around in the supplementary connector blocks so that the antenna power and Aux-in work fine, the only problem I have is that the built-in microphone just...
  4. B

    CLC UHI Microphone poor volume

    Hi, I have a 2008 CLC with Command 2, I have put a uhi cradle in the prewired armrest connection with a nokia 6230i. The phone works ok and has all functionality on command but the microphone volume dies as the call goes on. On connection the other person can hear you then the mic volume...
  5. Gistek

    Microphone Conector

    I have purchased and commenced installing my NTG2.5 into my W211 2003 E240! The only problem is when i went to fit the microphone extension cable! I have seen guides that require the back seat to be taken apart, but upon doing so i couldn't find anything! My car has phone pre-wiring as i...
  6. R120

    Where to run Microphone wiring for bluetooth head unit in a W202?

    Evening all. About to fit a headunit with an external microphone in the 202. I want to place mic up near rear view mirror, and can see how to run wire under headlining and down pillar trim, but what's the best way to get it from there to head unit? Should I go passenger side or drivers...
  7. S

    W169 NGT2.5 Retrofit - Microphone Loom placement

    Hi there, I am in the process of retrofitting a 6 Disc NGT2.5 with SD into my 2008 A Class (W169). I had previously installed a Dynavin DYN-MBA but I really wanted the oem phone and Navigation so I bit the bullet and purchased a unit from navizip.co.uk. I knew that I also need some...
  8. P

    W211 Bluetooth Microphone

    I have an aps50 with no phone prep. Just upgraded to NTG2.5 purchased the conversion cable for AGW in the boot. However kit came with Bluetooth microphone. I have panoramic roof in mine. Does anybody know how to find out if I already have a microphone installed? I have rear view mirror and it...
  9. M

    microphone wiring

    I am upgrading my clk from d2b to most and need some help please with the phone wiring.I have the centre consol kit which consists of the uhi connector and a wiring harness.There is a blue 8 pin plug on this harness which i presume is for the microphone but i don't have the female end of this...
  10. M

    Audio 20 Installation & Microphone

    Hi People I need to connect the microphone extension from the audio system to the existing microphone situated in the Rear view mirror, I dont even know where to start from :wallbash::confused: and the easiest way to do it Please Help
  11. ackee911

    Microphone function

    Hello all, In my S class, on the steering wheel there is a button with a microphone on it. I'm gueessing this is the voice control? However, whenever I press it it says Function not available. Anyone know what may be causing this?
  12. M

    Super Mirror - microphone + parktronic dsiplay

    Super Mirror - microphone + parktronic display http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=61523&item=2475346087&rd=1 I saw this item on eBay .... has an LED display for parking distance + microphone for phone. Comes as a complete kit.
  13. S

    OT - External PC Microphone

    I am thinking of using Yahoo Messenger to make phone calls since we have broadband connection. Can someone recommend a good and reasonably priced external microphone that I can use with my PC and where I can buy it. Thanks. Regards, swl
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