1. P

    Microswitch thingy under drivers footwell carpet.

    I cleaned my new 124 for the first time tonight and had the carpets out for a poke around. Under the driver's footwell carpet theres a small bracket with a wire to a sprung-loaded things that appears to be a microswitch. I have so many questions that I hope the Haynes manual that I have on...
  2. G

    6 CD changer woes

    I have a C220 w203 2006 estate with the CD changer in the glovebox. Only had the car for a year. The magazine stuck in. Powered down by removing the unit and disconnecting. Reconnected, and the magazine eventually decided to come out. Problem now is that the unit says no magazine when...
  3. R

    4th/5th gear microswitch replacement

    Hello All, I intend to replace this switch on my w124.051 this weekend. Are there any difficulties getting to this switch? I have never dismantled anything in the gear lever area before. Anyone got any pictures? Thank you in advance. RayH
  4. thedoc01

    gearbox microswitch 300ce

    Evening all. I need to locate the gearbox microswitch on a 91 ce 300. Could any one shed any light as to where and what im looking for? Is it on the shifter or the box itself? Thanks.:dk:
  5. S

    W210 boot lock microswitch

    Hi. Anyone know where I can obtain the microswitch for the boot lock on a 2001 W210 E320 CDI Saloon? Just replaced the boot lid and all was working including remote lock/unlock. Closed bootlid just before lunch and couldn't reopen it using remote later on. Vacuum not operating to the lock...
  6. stwat

    what does the microswitch do?

    What exactly does the microswitch on the guide lever of the fuel injection system on the 190e do?(the switch that gets clicked when the throtle is fully released, ie when you lift off) I ask this because my guide lever never seems to release enough to actualy activate this switch. Is it a...
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