1. W

    Best mid range tyre for c class?

    Hi I am looking for a good mid range tyre for the rear wheels on my c class. I was looking to get hankook as I have them on the front. But the back tyres are almost double the price I paid for the front. Back tyre Size is 255 / 35 / 18 / 90Y. Looking to spend around £60 if possible to...
  2. ioweddie

    Mid Air Repair By a Very Brave Lady

    Without a Parachute mid air repair…by a woman in 1924 Take a look at this film. Fabulous footage, although grainy due to time and bad equipment in those days compared to today. Gladys Ingalls was a member of a barnstorming troupe called the 13 Black Cats in the 1920's. Ingles was a...
  3. Charles Morgan

    Mercedes brochures from the mid 70s

    I dined with a friend a few months ago and he enquired if I'd like an original Citroen SM brochure he'd picked up in the 70s as a boy, when he collected car brochures from dealers. My reply was to bite his hand off, and then I emailed a couple of days later to ask if he had any other Citroen...
  4. Screwdriver

    WTB: W123 300D Centre Exhaust (Mid Section)

    Greetings, I am looking a NOS/ New mid section for my 84 300D. If you have one lying around in this condition, happy to take it off your hands for an agreeable price. Best!
  5. E

    EuroCarParts- Mid Month Sale

    ��Mid Month Sale 20% off brakes, filters and ignition parts. Hurry Sale ends Soon Excludes performance parts,tools,home and garden Brakes-Car Parts | Parts for every make & model | Euro Car Parts Filters- Air Filters | Car Parts | Engine Parts | Euro Car Parts
  6. JimGreen

    Mid Service Oil & Filter Change.........

    Want to do a mid service oil and filter change on my facelift C63 AMG, I'm new to these cars and just want to confirm I'm using a suitable oil. I'm looking at using a Mercedes Oil Filter and Castrol Edge Titanium 5W-40 (I have always preferred 5W-40 in my Audi S4 and have never had any issues...
  7. stwat

    500K and ultra rare mid engined 150

    1930's Mercedes porn Video | Quest TV Sorry, the link doesn't go to the correct Chasing Classic Cars video. The vis is on the second page,
  8. B

    New member. Brecon Mid Wales.

    Good evening all, I recently came in possession of clk230 Komp and have fallen in love with it. Just put a twelve month ticket on it and booked it in for a little tlc on the bodywork. I will probably change the wheels aswell. I can't stop driving it..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Rickenbacker

    C63 AMG Mid Life Make Over

    I've had my C63 since new in 2008, and it was looking a bit tatty. Just got it back today from Prestige Wheel Centre in Birmingham and what a nice job they have done. HRE FF01 wheels, H&R springs, de-chrome, new splitter, diffuser and wing mirror covers. Detailing by Draykefields in Birmingham
  10. ACID

    CLA / A45 AMG Weistec Down / Mid Pipe

    Today we finally got delivery of the Weistec Down down the the 45s. We will be fitting this to a car sometime this week and will be doing testing on a stock car to see the power gains on the Dyno. Then We will be doing some fine tuning on our Tunes boxs to see what the end results will...
  11. simon1966

    E55 / CLS55 Stainless X-Pipe & Mid Section by Torque Flow

    Hi All I have just had my exhaust mid section reverted back to stock, as I have now decided I want to go for headers and wanted to re-use my original secondary cats to save expense of sports cats etc.... So I now have for sale my stainless steel mid section, made and fitted for me by Imran of...
  12. dubsR33

    2 planes collide in mid air 9 multiple Go-Pro angles

    sky diving accident all of them survived check this out flipping insane! :eek: LiveLeak.com - Skydiving accident 2 planes collide in mid air and go down with 9 skydivers-multipleGo-Pro angles (tried to embed the video directly but didn't work?)
  13. snow leopard

    SLK roof stops mid cycle

    I hope I'm posting in the right department but can anyone shed any light on an issue with my SLK's folding roof? (53 reg. 200) When I operate switch to open roof, the windows and quarterlights go down, boot lid tilts, then it all stops! I can still hear the motor running but no further action...
  14. E

    Hi Guys, We are currently running a Mid Month promo – get a FREE OE quality oil filte

    Hi Guys, We are currently running a Mid Month promo – get a FREE OE quality oil filter with any 5ltr Triple QX or 4ltr Petronas engine oil AND 25% OFF too!! Simply use promo code – MIDMONTH25 PLUS!! Register your Petronas oil purchase on our Facebook page and you could win a pair of...
  15. S

    Need Sprinter Specialist - Mid Wales/Shropshire

    Hi guys Been having loads of probs with my 2002 311CDI, mainly fuel probs, lack of power, air in fuel lines... Its been to a local garage 4 times now and its still the same. If anyone could recommend a good specialist by Welshpool (don't mind travelling a little for the right guy) who...
  16. S

    Mid life crisis

    It must be, I'm sure of it. I want a Porsche. Specifically a GT3. Never even liked porsches before but the last week or so I've found myself trawling through autotrader and dealer sites with increasing regularity. I can't afford one but if I trade in my w211 who knows? Am I doomed or will...
  17. DSLiverpool

    Mid brand tyre advice please

    Guys looks like im keeping the Lexus over the winter and it will need 4 tyres. It uses 245/40R18 Y 93 and has Yoko advans all round but at £200 a piece fitted the car isnt worth it (but I maybe) !! I was thinking mid range Hankook or Falken come in at £160 and £140 respectively - the real...
  18. M

    Urgent Help - Mid way through changing CPS

    Guys, I'm at my Mum's changing the crankshaft position sensor. Got the old one out, but it's got oil on the end of it!! Is that right? Thought they were meant to be dry? Should I put the new one in?
  19. Piff

    Three in mid Suffolk

    Any one got problems with 3 coverage in Suffolk at the moment? Yesterday, wifes phone displayed "emergency calls only" Phoned 3 customer services, got the run-around, instructed her to re-set the phone (all contact details lost :mad:). Ended up putting the sim into an old phone and it...
  20. steve333

    Mid life crissis?

    Got the sudden urge to part with my beloved w208 clk320 cab which i have had & enjoyed for the last year although if i'm honest i really wanted a v8 when i bought it .On that note i have started to really like the cls 500(388bhp v8)& have seen a 2008 model with all the toys for £24k(was £67k...
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