1. BoristheBounce

    1972 MG Midget 1275 RWA for sale

    My Very Under Used MG Midget, which I have treated as my something to do thing on a weekend and have actually driven it very little over the last 2/3 years other than very short runs to keep it in good order. 1972 RWA MG Midget 1275 Mallard Green with Tan Interior and wire wheels Tested...
  2. del320


    Don't see so many MG Midgets out on the road these days - and a perfect day for a coffee break on a run between Selkirk and St Mary's Loch. But, goodness, I'd forgotton just how small they are! And in comparison to a Focus or Golf, in terms of height and width, my car is pretty small too.
  3. M

    Supersized from Just MB to MGB Midget

    Hey hey just been on the hooter with a chap up norf to buy his MGB Midget Nice little black number from 1977 (I was 1) 37000 miles with alittle work needed, will agree on the deal once it has been for an MoT (happening as we speak) and he can tell me what exactly is need to get it back on...
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