1. H

    new member from West Midlands

    Henry from worcester. don't know much about mercedes so any advice is good! currently own a e92 monte carlo m3 but looking in the market for a c63 amg. went to look at a one from Evans halshaw today. anybody know any information on it Used Mercedes-Benz C Class Saloon Petrol in Ibis White...
  2. F

    Midlands meet! June/July 2017

    Hey all, I'm new to the forum but I've been a Mercedes owner for a few years now. I currently own a W202 C250 project which will be going down the "superturbo" route (mech pump, giant turbo) and I also own a 1993 500 SEC (remodeled as CL500 a few years later) which is my daily driver. I have...
  3. T

    West Midlands GTG Sun 27th May The Sparrow CV 7 9JP

    Anyone going was in the Official Club Mag but no reference on any forums or facebooks that i can see sponsored by auto finesse looks a sizeable gathering starts 11:30 Am at the Sparrow CV7 9JP by M6 / M69 junction
  4. Doc matt

    Auto watch Ghost installed (Midlands)

    Finally had the Autowatch Ghost installed to my car yesterday. Read about it here:cool: In a nutshell, it's a very good immobiliser (a bit like the old Clifford blackjack) but instead of pressing the blackjack button you simply press buttons anywhere on the car to disable it. So you enter...
  5. S

    Remap & Pulley Midlands

    Decided to go for a remap and smaller pulley on my 2004 SL55 My question is because i cant believe the differnce in remap prices from one place to another. Can anyone reccomend the best place preferably in the Midlands to get a remap and smaller pulley thats good value for money. I dont...
  6. M

    Star diagnostics - West Midlands - Coventry

    Hi all, I am looking for a good mobile Mercedes mechanic in the Coventry area with star diagnostics who can check out some fault codes on my car, I have a icarsoft MB2, but some codes it is reading it can't find in it's database. Regards, Mark.
  7. M

    Help!! Anybody from Sandwell , West Midlands??

    Hi, There is a item on Gumtree for sale from Sandwell, West Midlands area and was wanting some good MB forum member would do the needful and pick it up for me. I will pay for fuel, time etc. PM me. Thanks
  8. D

    New member East Midlands

    Hello! I've run a 312d sprinter now for 12 years and its just had its 20th Birthday, this has been one of the best vehicles ive ever owned but is starting to suffer from a bit of "tin worm" not bad for its age though. Ive replaced this with a Vito 115 Sport which I'm very happy with so far...
  9. flango

    East Midlands Breakfast Meet & Run 21st August 2016

    OK so a few of us thought it would be a good idea to organise a Sunday out for all fellow MB enthusiasts but all cars welcome. Plan is to meet at Tibshelf Services on the M1 Southbound and head for Hassop station cafe in the Peak District taking in some nice scenery on the way. After Breakfast...
  10. A

    Recommended Detailer Shropshire/West Midlands?

    I will picking up my new E-Class (currently on the boat across the north sea as we speak) next week all being well. Now whilst the showrooms and dealers always do a reasonable job in preparing the car for customer handover, I'm considering getting it to a detailer within the first few days...
  11. Simon_M

    Midlands Car Care - Don't

    Being a fan of the GTechniq products, I wanted a full treatment for my new car and researched a detailer local to the dealer. Midlands Car care came up, and although there were a few mixed reviews the consensus was their work was good. Well it turns out they are a disorganised and...
  12. Yugguy

    Car pit/lift in the Midlands

    Does anyone have access to a lift or pit in the midlands, not too far away from Rugby? I have all the stuff to do my rear diff fluid change - oil, 14mm key, thread sealant, torque wrench, 1.5m length of filler pipe. I just have no easy way of getting the car raised and level and to be honest it...
  13. S

    Body shop in Midlands

    Hi all, can anyone recommend a good body shop in the Midlands? Need to get a small scratch / scuff repaired and needs to be a perfect finish! I work near Coventry / Warwick area but willing to go some distance for a good place... Including Birmingham - any recommendations ? Thanks
  14. S

    Midlands Tints - Moseley - Can recommend...

    Forgot to do this... Had my windows tinted by these guys and their work is really good. Only took them a couple of hours whilst I waited. Anyone round the Midlands I would recommend using them. Reasonable price too.
  15. jhosk1981

    Recommended Indi's Midlands

    Hi guys My CLK is almost due a B Service and MOT. Do any of you have any recommendations for reliable garages in the Midlands? I live in Aldridge WS8. Thanks in advance guys. James.
  16. S

    West Midlands Meet

    Please can I get initial interest in a West Mids meet for us? A location and date is yet to be confirmed but this is to gauge initial interest. I imagine it will be circa M5/M6 corridor near Birmingham. Thread here: AMG Private Lounge If we can get 10+ AMG's the private lounge will put...
  17. C

    Hello from the Midlands

    Hello to everyone! Just became the proud owner of a 2009 CLC 220 Sport. Silver with the panoramic sun roof and heated front seats. Very happy with the car and the insurance has not been too bad considering ive just turned 22. One problem im having is I cannot find the mpg or phone...
  18. B

    New from midlands

    Hi there I am owner of e280 sport 2007 grey with black leather Based near burton on trent currently looking for a local indy and a new set of wheels. regards Pete
  19. M

    Midlands GTG Sunday 23rd August 2015 - Arbury Hall (Near Mercland)

    Hi All, we are holding this event at: Arbury Estate - Welcome to Arbury Estate Arbury Hall, Arbury Park, Nuneaton, Warwickshire CV10 7PT Its only around the corner from Mercland but there is a lot more space. There will be sandwiches etc provided. Also for those of it who may be...
  20. Lapchien

    Retrofit in West Midlands

    Hi, I recently changed my CLA 220 for a CLS 400. Three weeks old, fully loaded - apart from the option I forgot to add, Speed Limit Assist. It shows the speed limit signs in the dash. There is a firm down south that can retrofit it, but is there any company around the midlands that can do this?
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