Can anyone beat this for low milage tyres

    Can anyone beat this for low milage tyres Test date3 February 2014 Test Result Fail Odometer reading 5,417 miles MOT test number 4162 0483 4062 Reason(s) for failure Nearside Front Tyre has a cut in excess of the requirements deep enough to reach the ply or cords (4.1.D.1a) Advisory...
  2. B

    Milage correction problem

    Hello All, I have a problem, i hope some of you guys may shed some light on it. I have a c63 w204, i bought it from a mercedes dealer last year used, with 2 previous owners. In the last month the car has had some major electrical problems. All electrics just refuesed to work whilst driving...
  3. 320 CLK

    Milage reading

    My C240 speedo is reading the correct speed but the trip seems to be 30% out. It says miles beside it. Seems wierd.:dk:
  4. A

    Sprinter 318 no milage on display

    Hi can anyone help we have no milage showing on our display where the milage should be is just a line of dashes how do we resolve this thanks in advance
  5. tromppost

    E200 Estate 1994 low milage

  6. F

    Couple of qustions & Service milage countdown for a vito

    Hi is there any way to reset the service countdown not my vito after I get a none merc garage to do my service? Also does anyone have a service schedule to see what is needed for the miles and age of my vito? What old of the main feelers use?
  7. B

    Business milage

    Evening all, recently moved to a company where i get paid a milage rate 0f 18p a mile for business travel. does anyone get this amount to cover their fuel use? is this a sensible amount? i seem to drive along looking at the fuel guage rather than enjoying my nice car now! Ben
  8. D

    04 Mercedes ML350 Low Milage, Luxury Pack

    Hi, I`ve decided to sell my ML as my W202 is sat on drive getting rusty and I want it back on road. I`d rather sell it to the forum member, to make sure it’ll be well looked after. 58000 miles (will go up as car is used daily) MOT 02.2014 TAX 08.2014. More info can be found on autotrader...
  9. S


    Hi everyone, this is my 1st post on here but have used the site for a while to help out with various DIY projects. My car is a 2005 E220cdi saloon which I bought 3yrs ago from a chauffeur company that I used to drive for. It clocked 333,333 miles last night and never had a problem with it...
  10. I

    Remap - high milage car ?!

    Hi All, I just spoke with a nice chap from Angel Tunning and he informs me that the tunning is done with the milage and mechanical condition in mind. What are your thoughts? car has 150k!!! I'm picking up my esatate e320cdi s211-53 reg next week and am thinking of driving via...
  11. gIzzE

    Picked up an approved E350cdi estate today and the milage was out by over 60%!

    Collected my 10 plate 350cdi estate today, and the mileage was out by over 60% when I got in to drive off. I got it at an excellent price mainly cause it doesn't have comand and it was sitting at just under 38,000 miles, well that is what I was told when I paid them for it. Collected it...
  12. michaelk3289

    low milage 300ce

    lack of history though MERCEDES 300CE | eBay
  13. michaelk3289

    low milage 190e

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  14. AJA

    Who has the highest milage then?

    Do you think you can hold the title for the highest mileage Mercedes Benz on here? Well, tell us your mileage. :) One rule - the car has to be running, MOT'd, tax'd and insured. I appreciate there's no real way of telling if you're being honest, so please play the game. :)
  15. J

    Low milage s320

    Hi guys not to sure what the rules are on posting some thing your selling but im im in the wrong just delete this. i Just picked up this and I've been smoking around in it. Its really clean might interest someone. eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  16. imbck666

    MB High Milage Awards

    Hi, Ive read many posts on MB high milage awards on US MB forum sites with MB basically sending Milage certificates for cars with high milage also pin badges etc.. Any idea if this exists in the Uk and how to go about it? Thanks
  17. travelininstyle

    CLK 220 Cdi Milage and Performance

    Hello all - I am thinking of trading up my C180K now it has come to the end of the finance.I have coveted a CLK and particularly a CLK220 Cdi - can any members,whom own one or have a CLK could give me an idea of what mileage I can expect from a diesel from an 09 plate - combined/motorway etc...
  18. L

    E 320 cdi v6 7 speed.service milage reset

    Hi I have been told that I can reset the service milage on my E 320 CDI V6 (2006 MODEL) by using the buttons on the steering wheel. I am doing the service,which is no prob.for me,but I don`t have any idea about how to reset the milage for the next service due ! Please can you help me ? Eric
  19. L

    Battery change has changed milage?

    I had another gearbox problem, this time the error code was a low voltage on the battery. Gearbox specialist changed battery and cleared the error codes. I have just noticed that the milage is now exactly 10k less on the display. I rang the gearbox people and they said all they did was change...
  20. retrodave111

    cheap high milage 190E 2.0 auto

    this is one of mine 1990 MERCEDES 190E AUTO SILVER on eBay (end time 31-Oct-10 16:05:46 GMT)
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