1. A

    42000 mile service

    I have a question on servicing....My C220 CDI AMG has it service B due this week, its done 43000 miles and 2 garages have told me I need the gearbox oil changing and 2 have told me its not due until 75000 miles? any clues peeps? Cheers Paul
  2. AngryDog

    1/4 mile kings? / 0-100mph

    Has anyone here ran their E55 down the 1/4 mile? What was your time and terminal? Anyone have any true 0-100 mph figures for their E55's? What about other Merc's?
  3. T

    How many mile have you had from your SBC pump?

    I'll start us off with 181k on a 2004 E270cdt Estate.

    Roll Masters - Half Mile Roll on Race

    Please note - you have to be pre approved by us before purchasing a ticket. Priority will be given to Evolve, ES Motor and MSL PERFORMANCE customers in the the first instance. Please email with name, car, reg and spec as we need to provide this info the the venue...
  5. clk320x

    400,000 mile E55 anyone?

    Just saw this video and thought it would be of interest to you guys: Never thought I'd see an E55 covering such a high mileage, according to the reviewer it still drives spot on.. but again that's why we all love MB and AMG practical when you need, and crazy fun when you want :thumb...
  6. R

    200,000 mile club!!

    Just thought I would mention.... I have owned my CLS55 for 6 years. I now have 200,000 miles on the clock. I like the car so much I am probably going to buy another one!!
  7. Wigglesworth

    My 59k mile W202 C200 classic (auto)

    Hi any and all that are going to be interested in my W202! I decided to buy this wonderful car earlier this week as, in my view, it was a bargain! The car has little evidence of history with it from the previous owners. What is there backs up a totally genuine 59860 miles! Original factory...
  8. T

    Facelift W202 VSS clicks per mile?

    Hi all, I'm about to fit my W202 with an MPGuino MPG gauge. It uses two signals to calculate MPG: (1) VSS clicks per mile; and (2) Injector pulse time in mS I know I can find out (2) by looking up my injector part number, so will post on here if I get lost doing that. It is (1) I am having...
  9. E

    First time at the 1/4 mile with the C63(W204)

    I ran my A45 a lot on the 1/4 mile and at one point had the quickest oem turbo A45 in the world. That ran an 11.86s @ 116mph at Shakespeare last summer. Shaun (on here) beat it with an 11.80 and as far as I'm aware he's the only one to have gone quicker in a stock blower car. With that car gone...
  10. merc85

    350 mile round trip e55k

    Silver several shades infact, and had been hit in all 4 corners I reckon. What a complete waste of time:/
  11. Sorry Pete

    600 000 mile w211 220cdi With MOT history check:
  12. M

    31k mile E320 Cabriolet for £25k

    Personally I do not care for a celebrity ownership, but there's no denying this appears to be an absolutely stunning example with a very good specification. E320 Cabriolet Darren
  13. BigChap

    Took the c63 back to the quarter mile

    I was at crail a few weeks ago but could only manage a 12.9 @ 120.6mph having previously ran a 12.7 last summer, was in the low 13's all morning much to my annoyance until the last run of the day. I just could not match the starts I was getting the last time perhaps there is something to...
  14. P

    64k mile C36 AMG engine, 5 speed gearbox, and ancillaires.

    Complete 64k mile C36 AMG engine, uncut loom, ecu, 5 speed gearbox, and all ancillaires. £3200. Located in Cornwall.
  15. Felstmiester

    250 mile round trip in c63

    Went on a little family trip for a couple of days. Brimmed the c63 a few miles from home when we left, had a short drive around while there and still had nearly 1/4 of a tank when I got home! Well impressed! I don't use it much and this is probably the longest drive it's had lol.
  16. Pontoneer

    11000 mile 1 owner 190E

    Mercedes 190E, 11,100 miles with one family For Sale (1993) on Car And Classic UK [C622963]
  17. R

    Parts required for 96000 mile service

    Hi My SLK280 is due a 'C' service and has 96,000 miles on the clock. When speaking to the Mercedes dealer they said that several parts are required to be changed due to the mileage and quoted a hefty charge. I have also spoken with Mercedes authorised repairs shops and they say is simply...
  18. DSLiverpool

    New Electric B Class 140 mile range

    Just spotted this now, seems good value at £27k after grant and the range is just enough to be better than others if the claim us true. A excellent perk company car I think and a 0-60 of 7.9 is impressive
  19. Lemons

    Was embarrassed on the 1/4 mile!

    Last week had an amazing weekend at Santa Pod. The nine cars in my charity challenge were up against each other but one of my fellow Club Le Mons competitors, pulled to the side at the last minute to let a 600bhp Subaru with a 1/4 set up make me look a fool...yet at 16.23 was my fastest run of...
  20. merc85

    s211 320 cdi 1/4 mile

    Tested the 1/4 mile time today via GPS I phone app, my Volvo 850r auto which was mapped achieved 15.71 at 89 mph. The Merc which i recently had mapped achieved 15.03 at 88mph :devil: lol Chuffed to bits tbh, My tweaked Black T5 was quicker than both 14.6 @ 105mph but that was 297bhp with...
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