1. D

    Changing Mileage on Dash CLK (W208)

    Hi I have bought an new dash cluster as my old one had many faults with dud pixels etc and the mileage obviously is not correct now and says I have done over 12k more than the car has. Is it possibly to change the mileage so it reads correct for the car via a piece of software or sending it off...
  2. E

    E55K Estate - Not silver, Not black, Not high mileage

    As the thread title says. Late, low-mileage, full history would be ideal. I'm going to keep on bumping this until I find one, so if you know of one for sale, or have one to sell, please let me know.
  3. I

    High mileage c32

    Hi, i have seen a 2003 c32 with over 200k, what do you think the car should be priced.The seller wants 3k.It has service history upto 140k. Rust on the rear arches. Thanks
  4. MikeInWimbledon

    How to price a low mileage S220 S500 ex-Michael Crawford

    While researching auctions, I stumbled across this remarkable low mileage (18,000) 2004 S500 being sold at Historics TODAY, and thought it was worth highlighting. Tasteful colour, fabulous condition, (what seems to be) impeccable provenance under the ownership of one owner: Michael Crawford. A...
  5. bmthnick1981

    Low mileage (41,000) 2006 W211 E63 AMG

    2006 W211 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG Saloon - very low (41,000) mileage | eBay
  6. DanMorgan

    Star C3 - Mileage Correction - W210

    Hi All, I had the instrument cluster changed as the previous was faulty, the one that I fitted has 89k mileage, however I need to increase it to 135k~ to which it should be. I have a star machine and navigated to the part where you change the actual values under the...
  7. etharla

    C63 Mileage

    Just wondering what the highest known mileage is on a W204 C63. I know Merc diesels drive forever but wasn't sure on the big petrol machines.
  8. W

    For Sale - 2000/W Mercedes-Benz CL500, Low Mileage

    Hi Gang, Last week I bought a new car, a Porsche 911. The CL500 is now surplus to requirements, as nice a car as it is I just can't see it getting used much now. Brief details are: 2000/W CL500 Brilliant Silver Metallic Anthracite black leather interior 74k miles with full service...
  9. MikeInWimbledon

    How to price a low mileage S211 E500 Estate ?

    The mileage on my car has crept over the 60k level but I keep putting off selling it because I don't know how to price the car E Class estates seem to be curious things, with plenty of demand for them even if they're old with spaceship mileages. And to complicate things even further this is a...
  10. m2287

    E55 Kompressor with very low mileage
  11. Mr Fixit

    High mileage C350

    Considering a C350 as a 'second car' and have found a nice one but with 149,000 miles, FMBSH etc but just wanted some thoughts as to how these carry the miles TA
  12. Pegasus64

    High mileage c270

    Hi I am thinking of buying a 2002 c270 avengarde the mileage on car says 128k but when I did Mot check it flagged up a change of millage vrom 130k to 39k in 2007 and has then gone back up over the years it's a fantastic car but I am worried about the high mileage and why it changed. Should I...
  13. cobra7

    My late & low mileage E55 - putting out some feelers...

    Regretfully, an imminent property purchase may just force me to sell my black beauty so I'm initially seeing if any forum members may be interested? I've owned her for a year, during this time I have spent a sizeable sum sorting out a few issues, some cosmetic and then some mechanical, new...
  14. D

    C320 2009 with AMG sports pack - very low mileage and stunning condition

    Mercedes C-class 2009 3 litre V6 with sports pack (including winter wheel set) - pristine! in Brighton | Friday-Ad
  15. A

    Anyone fancy an 190E Evo II? Low mileage...

    Fewer than 1000 miles on the clock! Will make an excellent addition to any collector's garage!
  16. MikeInWimbledon

    Genuine low mileage R230 SL500 for sale in Wimbledon

    In excellent all round condition. Genuine 46,000 miles with one lady owner for 12 years. Has always been garaged when not being used. Properly maintained, with the usual R230 jobs having been addressed (ABC and boot seal). View Wimbledon. Mercedes-Benz SL Class 5.0 SL500 2dr
  17. S

    Clearly deluded - and clock (!) the mileage change

    Mercedes Benz CL 55 Kompressor AMG,previously celebrity owned,excellentt!£16995 | eBay type the reg into :crazy: Stuart
  18. J

    One owner low mileage e55k
  19. guydewdney

    2004 E320cdi estate, starship mileage, 7 seater

    218,000 miles. plenty of battle scars. very high spec. full airmatic dc 7 seats towbar (factory hideaway type) kids booster seats and blinds built in 4 zone climate comand dynamic memory seats that change shape round corners plus massage etc. both front seats memory parktronic dark...
  20. uumode

    Mercedes Me Connect mileage report

    If i view the mileage where the tank level and range is displayed (or Odo on dash) it indicates 2,493 miles but if I go to 'Vehicle Details' where it gives initial date or registration, colour of car, CO2 emissions etc, the mileage there is 4,013 miles a difference of 1,520! So when...
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