1. Palfrem

    Imported W124 E320 estate - 65K miler

    1994 Mercedes Benz E320 (W124) Estate | eBay Looks very nice - but £19K? Check out the sellers' other cars - there's a C36 with 56K miles too
  2. carat 3.6

    For Low miler Amg

    Wont be long now, I've only had to remove a few small parts.....:D
  3. D

    High miler w212 350 cdi

    hi guys, would anyone here buy a 2011 w212 with close to 190,000? seems ALOT but then again it might be okay, after all most of the used cars will have been clocked back ex lease, price wise i think it was around the 6k mark which i think is quite good value provided the thing doesn't bring up...
  4. tali

    Merc drivers in Gloucestershire to be the top regional high miler in the UK

    "Nationwide study reveals Merc drivers in Gloucestershire to be the top regional high miler in the UK SUVs in rural locations consistently cover long distances Drivers in Scotland and the South West work their cars the hardest Annual London mileage figures a quarter below average Subaru...
  5. sidporsche

    2004 76,000 miler E55 For Sale

    As per title i have got this E55 in as a part ex I already have two 211 E55 estates (his and hers)and if this was an estate i would have kept it Being a Porsche man i am not up to speed with all the spec but will try my best to list the optional extras . 2004 Obsidian Black 76,754 miles...
  6. Palfrem

    270,000 miler G Wagen

    Mercedes G Wagen G300D 463 | eBay It does look so very attractive, sellers hyperbole excepted. I keep looking at these cars.....
  7. P

    semi synthetic or synthetic in a high miler

    My last oil change used Shell Helix semi (its had Castrol magnatec all its life from the service book) and its has been fine. Car is c180 petrol and done 120K but engine in v good order - does not use oil. Was wondering if I should carry on with the same semi oil change or use fully synth. But...
  8. d w124

    What a lovely low miler

    1971 Mercedes 280 SE 3.5 coupe LHD Auto Leather 8k mls on eBay (end time 24-Nov-09 14:23:57 GMT)
  9. IanT

    Ian's high miler E220 CDI

    I used to own a very nice low mileage (36k) C250 Elegance until just under two years ago, but have now replaced it with this: It's a March 2001 E220 CDI with a couple of very minor faults, but it drives really well despite the miles. The mileage would have worried me before I owned...
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