1. Dave.tam

    Military coup in Turkey

    Not looking good in Turkey right now...
  2. ringway

    Mercedes e240 gumball rally drift modified military tank.

    Come on, someone on here's gotta buy it! :bannana: LINK.
  3. A

    Pics of the W204 C63 AMG on The Old Military Road, Scotland

    The recent 'Evo' video with the Aston Martin N430 gave me some inspiration for a late spring / early summer drive up into the Cairngorms. Some absolutely stunning roads and views! Hope you enjoy the pics ...
  4. M

    Original 1962 Mercedes Unimog 404 Military with only 250 miles

    This is the lowest mileage Unimog I have ever seen. from the article: This awesome 1962 Mercedes Unimog in a trade with a customer of ours locally here in the Atlanta, GA area. He had done a trade 2 years ago on a Hot Rod he had and took the Unimog up to his lake property where he...
  5. M

    Military Green Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe with Vellano Wheels

    Looks cool but have a feeling you would get tired of it after a while. from the article: Regardless of how insane the C63 AMG really is, the car is still a Mercedes and therefore too cool to lend itself to ostentatious colors and silly body kits. So the owner of this C63 opted for...
  6. bennesspipers

    How amusing this 'Find your military ancestors' ad is !

    This 'Find your military ancestors' ad that keeps showing on MB Club, so far iv put details of 2 guys who i know served in WW2 & it cant find either of em,(iv got one of em's medals), hahaha think they need better research !
  7. Satch

    US military's $20bn air con bill

    No, that is not a typo. $20Bn just for providing aircon in Iraq & Afghanistan. And there people who worry about the extra fuel consumption of leaving their aircon switched on. At the end of a huge and dangerous logistics chain fuel to run the generator sets is being delivered at a cost...
  8. Godot

    Military Minded ?

    The Official British Army Blog
  9. E CLASS

    The Chinese passes off Top Gun clip as military footage

    Video: CCTV passes off Top Gun clip as military footage - Shanghaiist Enjoy...!!
  10. bobby

    Military Green (Wrapped) G55

    YUM! Targa Florio Cars Ltd : G55 Brabus- Over £200K new - Every Extra Now where's that lotto ticket...
  11. Honey Bear

    Smarts new (military) model ;)

    Smart Tank
  12. glojo

    Any military aircraft boffins?

    Hi gang, Both my son and I are curious as to the pay load of this Tornado that buzzed our house yesterday. Any comments will be greatly appreciated
  13. Satch

    First Military Cross awarded to a female

    Lost in all the noise of the Budget con tricks as delivered by a man with the social skills of a Stalinist whelk is this Michelle Norris, 19. Well done, that girl.
  14. S

    Rally, Military Driving, Single Seater Virgin Experience Day

    Received xmas gift voucher of a choice 1 of these rally driving military driving (APC, light tank) single seater seems to be about 2-3 hours of the chosen option i've heard that the single seater is really restricted (revs/speed) and ends up being a little tame has anyone been on...
  15. T

    Snow chains - G-wagen (military spec) 7.50 R 16

    Bought these in Istanbul in 1996 for a substantial fistful of dollars, and used for 20 miles. Since then they have been stored in various dry sheds: Details: - 1 pair for 7.50 * 16 tyres - Galvanised all-steel construction - They have HUGE lugs to bit into ice, snow - pictures...
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