1. D

    milky screens on your sl se convertible soft top

    DIY i done today mixing your other(better!) half nail polish remover with water take a tea towel work on the inside with it damp with the solution and then another clean tea towel to wipe clean should remove the milky stuff on your screen, do not push it for if it is ready to crack you will...
  2. richard300

    W124 Walnut trim - Gone milky.

    Hi, I pick my 300ce up on Saturday. Its a Duchatelet model so has walnut/extended veneers - However, i noticed when i was viewing the car, that several of the trim pieces have gone milky (i guess this is the lacquer). Has anyone restored wood trims and if so, do you have any tips? I am...
  3. C

    Milky Windscreen - Brick or Breaker?

    Moral / practicla dilemma time... My front windscreen has a chip in it ( passenger side) and that milky de-lamination in the drivers side bottom corner. I know of another coupe being broken near me with an undamaged windscreen.. 1. Do I get the insurance to pay & fit a new one or 2. Buy...
  4. simbad

    milky oil filler cap & maybe too much oil?

    2 things worrying me. 1. i checked the oil and it was a little low about 1/3 on min/max- topped it up. read manual last night and it said that dipstick checks should be 10mins stopping after normal running temp. not sure i had done that, so i ran engine warm today and checked. seemed to be...
  5. L

    Milky Residue (ohh err)

    I noticed last week that I had a small amout of yellow/white residue under my oil filler cap so thought Ah! do I have a head gaskett problem. I wiped it clean and again a week later it is back again. This is not thick sludge or even that much, it is very thin and swirled in with the small amount...
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