1. PenelopePitstop

    New car paint protection in Milton Keynes area.

    My friend is collecting new car and asked me to find him recommended detailer who could do ceramic paint protection. I searched the forum and couldn't see anything in that area. Maybe someone in NW London as we have office there and he could drop the car off while going to work. Do you know...
  2. Campoos90

    Valeting your car in Milton Keynes? Think twice before...

    Hello Last month I bought a Mercedes c220 cdi w204 amg coupe '12. Seats were a bit dirty as they are half leather half cloth so I decided to call a mobile valeting company in Milton Keynes. Before selecting one random company I carried an investigation about the companies around MK...
  3. Alex

    E55K in Milton Keynes

    Hello Do we have anyone with a E55 in MK? Ideally 2003-2004 car. I need a favour, please get in touch. Thanks
  4. fuzed

    MB Dealer Servicing - Milton Keynes Vs Bedford

    Does anyone have any ideas which one would be better, as I'm considering taking out the Service Care Plan, and wanted to know if these service locations were any good. Basically wanted good and bad experiences from them, read a couple of good things about Bedford Mercedes Service, but not read...
  5. fuzed

    Servicing - C350CDI - 2012 - Milton Keynes and Surrounding areas.

    Some of you might have seen my post about picking up a car where I thought the mileage had been messed around with, after doing some hard background checks I was satisfied that there was no issue. So I picked up the car, and have been pootling around in it for the past few days, and I love...
  6. BPD07

    Auto-Class in Milton Keynes - Very Good

    Just wanted to add a recommendation for Auto-class in Milton Keynes. Very reasonable prices, and Mercedes specialist. The service history was a bit sketchy on my CLK so we agreed on a B service, plus new plugs and filters all round. A few things turned up in the service that also needed...
  7. R129Melvin

    Recommended stereo installer in Milton Keynes area?

    As above. I was going to give it a go myself but looks a bit more complicated so after a good installer someone can recommend in MK? Thanks
  8. R129mine

    MB specialist in Milton Keynes area

    Hi I tried to get in touch with my local MB specialist PCS PCS Milton Keynes (in Bletchley, Milton Keynes) but it appears they have gone bust and I am looking for a new MB specialist in the Milton Keynes area Does anyone have any suggestions? Happy to travel a little bit, I am trying to...
  9. Walt Jabsco

    PCS in Milton Keynes - Gone!

    I started a fred on this over in "Parts, Maintenance & Servicing" but have scrolled down now and worked out that this is the proper place for one :doh: Tried to get through to PCS in Milton Keynes to arrange a service but they didn't answer the phone. Further investigation reveals that they...
  10. Walt Jabsco

    PCS Milton Keynes

    Not answering their phone... :confused: Local reports that they have closed and ceased trading.
  11. M

    New member from Milton Keynes with a Vito Traveliner

    Hi to everyone! I just picked up a 2013 Vito Traveliner 113cdi auto xlwb today from Mercedes. Hopefully this will be the beginning of some modding and retrofitting. I decided on this as I can use it for work as well as ferrying the family around! I have a few questions to get started with...
  12. M

    Auto Class Milton Keynes Great

    Hi All, My mate has used James from Auto Class Milton Keynes for like 10 years so when my engine management light went I decided to use him even though i live in London. Wow amazing service, great prices all round class, the other thing is I balance the crap experience of my car breaking...
  13. B

    MB Milton Keynes W205 service costs

    Called into the MB dealer in Milton Keynes today to ask what the service costs are for the new C Class petrol automatic seeing that a 4 year service plan at £30 per months comes out at £1440 based on 1 service a year. 1st year A service £266 2nd year B service £355 plus £82 brake fluid change...
  14. fab1975

    Audi carnage in Milton Keynes

    As a former Audi driver, news like this are still very difficult for me to digest: Twenty cars plunge through Milton Keynes Audi dealership in roof collapse - Telegraph R.I.P.
  15. Frostytel

    looking for indie in/around Milton Keynes

    looking for a good indie in mk preferably with star Cheers in anticipation Terry
  16. b1n0de

    Servicing for Mercedes Benz C180k in Milton Keynes

    Hello everyone. I have recently moved into Milton Keynes and I was wondering if anyone could or can recommend a reliable garage for servicing my car in this area Many thanks in anticipation.
  17. M

    Mercedes Sytner Milton Keynes 2/5

    I am not sure how anyone else on this forum has got on with the Mercedes Dealer in MK (Sytner), but I just thought I would raise a few issues I had. My car went in for a seemingly simple service, for which I have a service plan, happy days no payment on the day. Dropped it off and asked...
  18. I

    Milton Keynes merc scrapyard.

    Hello everyone, am looking for a particular scrapyard in Milton Keynes dedicated to salvaging Mercedes car parts only. I've googled it but can't seem to get anywhere. I need help.
  19. I

    Milton Keynes merc scrapyard.

    Hello everyone, am looking for a scrapyard in Milton Keynes dedicated to salvaging mercedes parts only. I've googled it but can't seem to find it. I need help please.
  20. R

    looking: w211 car detailing in milton keynes

    Looking for a man in milton keynes which can polish my car in milton keynes for a reasonable price. Have few small parking dings for paintless removal as well..please - PM
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