1. Darrell

    The mind boggles.

    £115k for a Sierra and £40k for a 205 GTI? You'd better believe it http://dailym.ai/2ugBkGw I had an identical model when I was in my yoot.
  2. secondmerc

    Put my mind at ease, C63 reverse select

    Could somebody please reassure me that if I accidentally select reverse from the stalk on the right hand side of the steering column at anything above virtually stationary, the box is not actually going to attempt to go into reverse!? Putting aside what a stupid place for it to go it is, the...
  3. gr1nch

    Market Towns : the true heart and mind of the country?

    Catching up on current affairs today, I found this remarkable article for it's description of the French election bellwether town of Donzy. Dozny is indeed a small market town which has, like most French towns, weekly fresh food markets, there twice a week. Marchés - Mairie de DONZY But what a...
  4. Palfrem

    Never mind politician's income tax

    ...my 21 year old W124 E36 passed its MOT this morning.
  5. G

    Granddad put deposit down on car - Changed mind!

    My elderly granddad 78 years old, went to see a car at a dealer out in East Herts. I searched Auto-trader and found him a decent low mileage 07 Renault Megane hatch-back for £1800. Told him to go and have a look and let me know, I couldn't make it to go with him, but he ended up putting down a...
  6. nb_racing

    I wouldn't mind a go in one of these!

    Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 | Official Site of Blancpain GT Series
  7. D

    Mind the gap

    A newish running thread regarding a member's crash, fortunately without any injuries we know about, prompted me to post the following: This has led to a bit of discussion on stopping distances and keeping a safe gap to the vehicle in front. Rightly so, another member has suggested that the...
  8. Meldrew2

    I've changed my mind

    Couple of years ago I remember commenting favourably on a photo of a Peugeot 407 estate. All I can now say is that the camera CAN lie. I'm looking closely at one now and my word it's FUGLY !!!!! Must have bean a really good photographer...
  9. C

    W202 Heater blower has a mind of its own!

    Hi The heating blower in my car seems to have developed a mind of its own. I have the manual dials and the fan speed will change on it own sometimes, or if I select a low number like 2 the fan sounds like its going at speed 5. The speed numbers no longer seem to work fully as expected...
  10. Palfrem

    "buy it before i change my mind"

    mercedes 250 w114 1971 classic car mint under 40k miles full history v5 here | eBay Optimistic pricing?
  11. S

    Don't mind if I do.......

    Returning to the fold with a 250 coupe and hoping it's as good an experience as my last W124. Spent 3 very enjoyable years in an XF and 100k miles or so of great motoring later it's the only model of car for a long time I could happily have replaced with another. However in the end I just...
  12. E

    Confuse the mind

    you saw a shirt for £97. You didnt have the cash so you borrowed £50 from your dad & £50 from your mom £50 + £50 = £100. You bought the shirt, & had £3 change. You gave your dad £1 & your mom £1 & kept the other £1 for yourself. Now you owe your dad £49 & your mom £49. £49 +...
  13. CubbyMK

    C63,well, a guy can change his mind can't he...

    .... girls do it all the time!!! On order : White C350 CGI AMG Sport Plus, Haman Kardon, Pan Roof, COMAND Online, Privacy Glass, Lighting Package To be replaced by White C63 , Harman Kardon, Privacy Glass, Lighting Package, Optional Gray/Black 18" wheels (COMAND & Pan Roof as standard)...
  14. sinewave

    Never mind the AMG!

    Think I'd take the Chick and the Bike me self! :D Mercedes-Benz 2012 C 63 AMG Coupe Special Trailer - YouTube
  15. D

    W203 C32 Electric mirror with a mind of its own

    Hi All, I have an AMG C32 with a very annoying feature - when I start the car the nearside mirror drops (whilst the car is still in 'park'). I have switched off the option that moves the mirror when engaging reverse and the option that sets the memory seat depending on which key is used (I...
  16. G

    Wipers with a mind of their own

    The intermittent wipe on the 124 has developed a mind of its own. Most of the time its fine. Sometimes it wipes across and pauses a while before returning. Sometimes it stops part way. In constant speeds 1 and 2 its perfect. The multifunction switch and OVP relay were replaced last year. Is this...
  17. stwat

    The Mind Boggles

    :doh: Qhm7-LEBznk&feature=player_embedded
  18. smillion

    New CLS fan speed has a mind of its own ???

    I have a lovely new (2011) CLS 350cdi but am becoming more frustrated by the heater fan, and the apparent inability to control the fan speed and so get a quick demist/defrost on these cold mornings .... On a cold morning you would like to think you could use the front screen demist funtion...
  19. IanPS

    Seat with a mind of its own

    Shortly after starting off this evening my seat suddenly started moving forward. The controls are on the door and not touched in any way. Fortunately it stopped before squishing me against the steering wheel. Not sure whether because it had reached the end of its travel, because of my...
  20. tolly

    Mind Bogling..

    People.... Hi :) Thinking of buying the car below Jason 'Brien Cars - Quality Second Hand Cars Cork Its a 97' CLK230K Anything to look out for except the usual rust?? Thank you tolly
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