1. grober

    New BMW electric mini concept
  2. grober

    BMW to build Electric Mini in Oxford

    Electric Mini to be built in Oxford - BBC News The electric bit - the drivetrain, which includes the motor, gearbox and battery pack - will be assembled in Germany, and fixed to the rest of the car in the factory. BMW currently makes electric motors and batteries for all of its electric cars...
  3. N

    Ipad mini 3 128gb

    Hi All, I have my Ipad Mini 3 128gb Wifi for sale in space grey. I have a new Ipad coming from EE on contract hence I no longer require this one. It is in mint condition, always been in a case and to be completely honest, hardly ever used. A bit of a cliche - lol. Was purchased from Currys...
  4. merc85

    Had a Mini Meet with a 300bhp s211 Derv

    Hooked up With Forum member Herishi and his 300hp Msl tuned s211, Complimented Brutus Well.:devil:
  5. Darrell

    Mini Cooper

    My son will be 18 soon and I've been looking at these as a first car. Don't want to pay more than £2000 so that limits me to a car no later than 2003. Does anyone have any real life experiences with these? Thanks.
  6. grober

    BMW MINI and Rolls Royce workers to strike.

    BMW Mini and Rolls Royce workers to strike over changes to their pension scheme. UK BMW workers back strike over pensions - BBC News A double blow following this
  7. developer

    Credit Card Mini Rant Time

    Because I'm a bit bored. On renewing my insurance with Aviva I note that there's a credit card charge of 0.5% of the total transaction - what horsesh!t. Usually those justifying c/c fees argue that it covers the processing and electronic transfer etc. So bigger numbers must be harder to...
  8. M

    SAP V4 works with Samsung S4 Mini

    MY Sap V4 works very well with the Samsung S4 Mini (no rooting required) Has anyone used a Samsung S5 Mini ?
  9. Braincrank

    Have I won a mini ??

    I just logged into this forum and a banner appeared which stated that I'm the 1.000.000 visitor and I have won a mini .... :eek: Didn't think this site was full of links to dodgey websites ... Although, I was a bit surprised when I noticed a link to 'Latvian beauties' in the corner of one of my...
  10. bpsorrel

    Mini Mercedes...

    Anyone for a Mini Mercedes? :) Mini Classic Mini | eBay Just the job for cruising the Kings Road... LOL!
  11. bob6600

    HTC One mini 2 (M8 mini)

    HTC One mini 2 Unlocked to all networks, boxed with original charger Phone works 100% as it should, few minor marks but no dents on back which were there when I bought the phone less than 12 months ago for the wife.The pics actually make it look worse than it is, the camera pics up a lot...
  12. 9

    W208 CLK230 mini restoration...

    Hello all, newbie here! I'm attempting to recommission a 1999 CLK 230 Cabriolet that's been laid up for almost 3 years. At the moment I've got it running and driving and have stripped most of the interior to get it properly dried out. So far I've encountered quite a few electrical...
  13. developer

    Transferring Text And Contacts From HTC One Mini To Samsung S6

    What's the easiest/safest way please? I've done the photos, but I need my contacts and texts transferred from the HTC to the Samsung. Thanks.
  14. T

    Which Mini to Buy 2004 -2010 Any Experts?

    My Daughter wants a mini I ve already told her that they are not very reliable and best bet is a fiesta, but the mini is such a trendy car i can see why she wants what she wants . Me being the family car person has now got to find one Budget is up to £5k . She does about 2-3k a year mostly...
  15. ioweddie

    The New Mini Clubman Looks Neat

  16. 5

    Mini W124 meet - 27/09/2015 - E320/E36/500E

    Hey all - met up with Simon and Dash off the forum today - thanks for organising Dash! Great day in London and good car talk :thumb: Here are a few photos - we hope you enjoy them. Cheers, Bill
  17. The Boss

    a mini trip to Mercedes Mecca - Stuttgart and Dusseldorf

    so i made a quickie trip over to the promise land .. I went to Dusseldorf and Stuttgart on my way back from a wedding.. Albums on my fb page.. have a look, but coming back to my thoughts on the need to retain the trad grille in the UK, i have seen both numerous times now at 4 dif dealerships and...
  18. dan-mb

    The moment a mini tornado swallowed a car

    And i thought cross winds on the motorway were bad.
  19. developer

    Mini 0806 Dashcam Thorough And Comprehensive Review

    It's a pile of sh1t :devil:. Firstly there was a buzz that could be heard on the sountrack - I was told (by the manufacturer) to put a blob of superglue on the card slot - this worked. Secondly there was another buzz that could be heard on the soundtrack - I was told (by the manufacturer) to...
  20. BenzedUP

    The Mini meet at MSL

    Hi Guys, Yesterday's 'Mini' meet at MSL Performance, it really was great, I was there from 10:30am till about 7:30pm, had a good understanding of what the guys at MSL do, what a great place with great people who know exactly what they are doing. Me & Pete had a tour of the place for the...
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