1. tron

    A minor central locking problem (S202)

    The battery went unaccountably flat. It was disconnected, recharged and appears fine. The central locking opens with the remote and flashes its lights correctly. It locks the car fully but does not flash the indicators. The switch on the centre console does not lock the car. This is apparently...
  2. A

    Minor bumper repair- paint/corrosion warranty

    There are as few minor marks on the rear bumper I'd like to have corrected on my car. It's under warranty for another 2 years (paint/corrosion warranty might be a separate one?) so if I want these marks fixed does it need to go to a MB approved workshop so the warranty isn't void?
  3. I

    Any advice on the best option to fix car after minor accident?

    Sadly I have damaged the front side panel (passenger side). As I was turning out of a carpark I did not notice a very low wall which hit the side panel in the middle (between the door and wheel) and dented and scratched it. When the side panel went in it also pushed the screenwash fluid...
  4. mounty3279

    Red leather seat minor scuff repairs.

    Hi, I have red leather seats in my car and the stud on my jeans has scuffed a line across my seat . It isn't major but i'm a bit gutted, its my baby. My question is has anybody done a successful minor repair themselves? If so what did they use? Ive watched various youtube clips but they...
  5. markjay

    Smart repair of very minor dents

    Can these dents be repaired without respraying the entire door? There is no paint damage, just the very annoying car-park dings.
  6. N

    minor bump, advice on how to proceed.

    So today I was reversing out of our property onto a relatively quiet estate road. Our garage is situated at the back of the property and the reverse requires you to line up straight in order to reverse alongside the house to the road, the other side of the drive is a wooden fence, the gap is...
  7. R

    MB Minor damage insurance and alloy wheel insurance

    Hi all. I am new to this group this week as I have just ordered a new MB GLC 250D AMG Line Prem Plus. Its due for delivery in Sept. Should I buy the Mercedes' own damage insurance and alloy wheel insurance or buy else where> I have done some research and can already get the same products as...
  8. Dave.tam

    Minor damage insurance offered by MB

    I just posted in another thread and kinda took it off topic, so I thought I'd start again here. When I bought my 2014 W204 C180, I was given MB minor damage insurance free of charge. The first time I had cause to use it, I had a small scratch and dent to a rear door. Looked through my flashy...
  9. M

    Minor accident cover

    What do members think of the minor accident cover? Covers for small scratches of under 15cm of work. Several hundred pounds for the cover for 3 years. Is it worth it?
  10. B

    Minor stone chips on windscreen

    My E320 still has it's original windscreen after thirteen years, and consequently has picked up scores of very minor stone chips. None of them are large enough for the standard chip repair, but I would like to find a way to polish them out if it's possible. Has anyone tried this or is it a...
  11. guydewdney

    w211 minor electrical fire!

    I had the not uncommon issue of no rf button key fob locking, poor radio reception, blown fuse number 8 in the boot. parking somewhere less salubrious made me chuck in a replacement fuse, but not having a 7.5a and only a 10 to hand, i didnt think it would matter that much. woo hoo, I...
  12. scottydog112

    minor damage insurance

    Hi folks. im a new member to the forum. was wondering if any of you have taken out the minor damage insurance through the MB dealers..im thinking of doing it , got 30 days to make my mind up..would appreciate any thoughts and experiences you have had..thanks
  13. Mo-benz

    Minor NSF footwell/floor annoying rattle after IPE exhaust fitting!

    Hi all I have recently done IPE full exhaust system but I sometimes hear rattling beneath the passenger footwell area it is so annoying but sometimes it goes away abit or completely once the engine is hot and also after the car has been driven for more than 20 mins , I last time had this and it...
  14. kalvin928

    minor bit of fun on M40 this morning

    just got car back from Eurocharged due to vibration issues at around 70MPH, so decided to take the faster, longer route home from Harrow; M40. well the new engine mount has worked and vibration gone. Decided to fluctuate speed from around 70 MPH to XXX MPH; being 7.30 am roads were still quiet...
  15. ringway

    Minor, Non-fault Insuance Claim.

    A truck hit the mirror on my legally parked car over the weekend. No big deal, but I'm concerned that if I claim against the truckers insurance, it will count against me. I seem to recall one members wife having an incident where her car was hit from behind and their premium increased as a...
  16. S

    Minor instruments 'not working'

    Hi New Member joined yesterday, I purchased an E-240 Estate (2001) on Saturday and took my first drive to work this morning. Car drives very well and soooooooooo quiet ! All electrics are working with the exception of the Outside Temperature display and the clock. They are working to an extent...
  17. The _Don

    Morris minor

    Might be of interest to the elder members here
  18. KillerHERTZ

    B-Class (Minor) Facelift

  19. R

    W204 Minor Service £640!! Help!

    Hi , I could do with some guidance, I have a September 2010 C220 Blue Efficiency AMG sport, I purchased as a used car direct from Mercedes Nov 2012 on a PCP. My service light has come on requesting for a Service A, the minor service I have learned. Basically, upon ringing the dealer...
  20. Oldskoolflash

    Minor numberplate issue

    I noticed that the screws front and back had no caps on them so I bought a set from Halfords at the weekend but when I went to replace them I noticed they are bolts not screws. They bold directly through the plate to 4 plastic gromits behind, the yellow and white caps I have bought are two small...
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