1. N

    Cheaper to park an Airbus A320 than a car for 15 mins.

    Funny old world. Plane parking cheaper than drop-off zone at Edinburgh Airport - BBC News
  2. J

    CLK 320 Dies after 10 mins?

    Hi I hope someone out there will be able to assist and help me in my search to remedy a problem I am experiancing on my CLK. I have just bought an X Reg 320 CLK. The car runs for a few mins and then the dash will light like a "Christmas Tree" and the car dies. Any advise or help will be...
  3. P

    Led number plate upgrade plug and play for sale, 15 mins left on eBay.

  4. P

    W216 CL ABC Control panel, 20 mins left on eBay, absolute bargain of the century! Hur

  5. P

    Mercedes Benz new obsidian black touch up kit, only 20 mins left on eBay!

  6. Frankie

    w126 420 sec manual ...10 mins left

  7. The _Don

    Video: Key fob reprogrammers steal bmw in 3 mins

    PistonHeads Headlines - Video: Key fob reprogrammers steal BMW in 3 mins
  8. Wiizzy

    Wait For 2 Mins Before Driving Off In S320?

    Hi all, I just bought a 2001 Mercedes s320 Automatic on ebay yesterday and while making arrangements with the seller today, he said the only thing he forgot to write about in the description on ebay is that: Everytime you start the engine, you will have to wait for about 2 minutes before...
  9. D

    ICE "pauses" briefly after approx 40 mins?

    Hi everyone, fairly new here...however I have searched and cannot see find a similar issue, so here goes..its a small issue but driving me nuts! I have a 04 CLK500. It has the in-biult satnav, tv, etc. Without fail, every day, the radio or cd or whatever I am listening to, has a very quick...
  10. aka$h

    Cheap C280 AMG KIT + Wheels 20 mins to go

    MERCEDES C280 SPORT AUTO WHITE on eBay (end time 09-May-10 22:35:05 BST)
  11. J

    which oil to use in a w124 300td diesel. noisy for the first 5 mins..!

    guys my 1990 300td has 136,000 on the clock and when i got it was nice and quiet on start up and driving. since doing an oil change castrol gtx mineral 10w-40 she now sounds like an old tractor for the first 5 mins or so or until the temp gauge is near 80ish then the engine goes nice and...
  12. S

    Oil light coming on after driving few mins?

    Hi guys new member. I know nothing at all on engines! I have a 02 Vito 108cdi and after a minute or so the oil light comes on and stays on. Mechanic i know put his machine on and it came up a sensor. Do i have to go to main dealer or is there somewhere i can get one from. If so what exactly is...
  13. D

    Loss of power after 20 mins of driving

    HI folks well managed to sort one thing on the car and another starts.. i thought it was to do with the injectors but checked those .. there was a leak on one of the pipes the seal was replaced however i still have loss of acceraration where the car isnt as quick at picking up speed. Normally...
  14. AbbieCadabra

    2 mins of your tme please - feedback on my business website

    i have my tin hat at the ready! :p this is only my 1st attempt but i really want feedback on the content, from a 'customer' point of view please. anything that would put you off? something else we should say? fingers x'd, it SHOULD appear here...
  15. Screwdriver

    W124 E220 Air Con Cooling...AFTER 5 mins!!

    My 1996 E220 has been facing a curious 5-6 minutes delay in cooling each time the A/C is first engaged. Here are more specifics from my troubleshooting: 1) The delay in cooling happens the first time the A/C is turned on. Once the compressor kicks in after 5-6 minutes, cooling promptly occurs...
  16. AbbieCadabra

    Whoops! Keys locked in car, Damsel saved within 40 mins!

    at lunch today, for the first time in my 20'ish years of driving, i locked my keys in the boot when i was swapping my bags over (a girl thing! handbag to sports bag as i was off to the gym :p ). as soon as i put the boot down, i realised the keys in my hand were the house ones & the car key...
  17. gina2201

    Cossie going cheap in 25 mins!

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MERCEDES-BENZ-190-2-3-16-COSWORTH-POWERED_W0QQitemZ290246950478QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item290246950478&_trksid=p3286.m14.l1318 Tempting....:D Surely it's worth more than that? Description waffles alot and doesn't tell you much if anything about the actual car for sale...
  18. A

    Quickest mod I have ever done? 5 mins....

    Hello Reading another thread I had forgot I even had the number plate surround, so just poped out and added it to my car. Idealy I will change the plate so the plate has no holes and the surround is fixed to car but for now I like it :) Before... After 5 mins just now......
  19. High-Lo

    7 mins to go for AMG 203 bumper!

    Anyone interested at £25 at the moment? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MERCEDES-C-CLASS-AMG-FRONT-BUMPER_W0QQitemZ200088294397QQcategoryZ10398QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Don't know it its a genuine AMG though. I'm sure others here will know :)
  20. PeterE320Cdi

    Year 2000 S500 £9989 no reserve - 20 mins to go

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Mercedes-S500-2000-X_W0QQitemZ280070056134QQihZ018QQcategoryZ9855QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Command and leather too.
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