1. Newera

    Modernising & perfecting a minty W124 300D Turbo!

    About 2 years ago, I decided it would be wise to stop changing cars every few years and just modernise an older, but high quality Benz Turbo Diesel capable of doing very high mileage & offer good economy. Older Diesel Mercedes are very rare in Japan and I wanted a rust free one with a decent...
  2. S

    CL Coupe or a minty late SEC Anyone?

    :) I'm still looking for a CL 420/500 or failing that a mint SEC of 89/90. Anyone who has either of these cars for sale or knows someone who has one please e-mail me on the site... Under 50k, FMBSH or specialist for the CL Under 75K, FMBSH or specialst for the SEC. Whilst I'm here...
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