1. Spinal

    WestJet's Miracle Christmas

    Yes, it's a marketing gimmick... but it's quite an amazing one at that. zIEIvi2MuEk Apparently, it's a real video, and they really did this! WestJet is a budget airline too (think easyjet) so it's even more impressive. M.
  2. S

    Its a miracle people live these days

    Honestly, the dangers out there, People on twitter whilst driving, people driving around on part worn tyres, cars with DPFs removed, kamikasi police drivers, middle lane hoggers, injectors failing on diesel Mercedes, de-catted V8s and diesels roaming the country side, someone having a couple of...
  3. S

    Miracle on 34th street

    What a fantastic film. One of my favourite of all time. Just watched it again on film 4. I love Christmas.
  4. swannymere

    Tsunami Miracle Dog

    One for the animal lovers out there,my dogs got extra cuddles and treats tonight! Oh and a big slap to the first muppet who insinuates the crew ate the dog;) Tsunami Miracle Dog
  5. keysl

    Miracle worker - Paul at www.leatherrevive.co.uk

    Have to recommend Paul from Leather repair: Leather furniture repairs restoration Leather Cleaner Kit Based in Blackpool he'd already worked miracles on my worn bolster in my '94 SL to the point of not being able to tell it had been repaired. I have to stress - the bolster was *seriously* worn...
  6. T

    W124 Failed MOT going to have to scrap without a miracle. PLEASE HELP!

    My W124 E300d multivalve failed its MOT as the front mounts of the rear sub frame were very corroded and on the off side they were rusted through so even when jacking the rear the wheel stayed on the floor. The near side wasnt rusted through but it was on its way. No sign off this on the MOT 12...
  7. Carrotchomper

    7/7: The Miracle of Carriage 346

    I'm just watching this on Ch4 now... Utterly incomprehensible, and the true power of the human body to survive such conditions is incredible. Emotional stuff...
  8. B

    Miracle Dry Wash - anyone tried it?

    Hi All Ive purchased some miracle drywash to clean my black merc for times I cant access my pressure washer and trusty autoglym kit :D Anyone else tried this product? if so what was the result?
  9. O

    Nanolub Solid Lubricant - A Miracle?

    We are asked all the time about the use of magic addatives / miracle cures. This one is certainly no exception in its claims. Having read about it, I asked Silkolene was this a miracle addative and were the claims possible or more importantly technically possible? If you're...
  10. altreed

    New Miracle Cure to engine wear and performance

    I just read an article claiming fantastic benefits....ASTA 3000 with numerous Belgian awards! Has anyone got information or opinions on this marvelous product, before I part with £27 to find ut... Cheers Dave
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