1. S

    GPS misery

    hi all ny 12 plate e220 gps reads only 4 figure postcodes is there anyway to make it more precise as i cannot trust it tbh many thanks jason
  2. JohnEclass

    Car Park Misery

    Well I've had my CLK for 4 weeks today......and yes its happened, went to local retail park to pick up my wifes birthday presents....and 1 hour after parking not 1 but 2 door dings in my passenger door!!:mad: Why can't people do something as simple as open a car door without hitting the next...
  3. travelininstyle

    Put me out of my misery - winter tyres Technical Question ?

    Hello Guys - I have a 09 Plate CK 220Cdi.Normal Summer tyre orientation is 225/45 R17 & 245/40 R17 - So back in Summer,I decided to buy a set of winter tyres.I decided to do as much homework as possible and went first on Fulda's technical site,that allows you to put year,age and model type,to...
  4. Mike Walker

    Champions League misery - Football/cars

    Chelsea were knocked out of the Champions League last night by Inter Milan. That was bad enough but on the way to work this morning via M25 I was overtaken by 2 Ferrari's - 1 red as normal and 1 black on an 09 plate....:mad:
  5. SilverSaloon

    Weekend of misery ahead i'm sure of it....

    Yes, its that time again... the Alfa is at it again. Wife just phoned - all power steering is gone. Bloody thing! It hopefully will be covered by the warranty we got with the car, if so its off to Alfa.... otherwise guess what i'll be spending my time on this weekend in a cold garage...
  6. Satch

    Financial misery in Dubai

    Always going to go wrong at some point but today I found out what Emirates actually means: English Managed Indian Run Arabs Taking Enormous Salaries
  7. R

    722.5 Auto box misery

    Hello All, My current problem applies to a 1991 300CE-24 with 104 engine and 722.5 5-speed auto box. Auto box is misbehaving. 1. Starts fine, up changes quite smoothly and at correct speeds. 2. At the 3 to 4 up-change point, it engages 4th for about half a second then changes to 5th. 3...
  8. G

    Eurotunnel Misery W169

    Hope somebody here can help with a real mystery.... About a month ago i purchased a W169 A-180 CDI Avantgarde from MB direct (it was an ex staff car at MBUK), for my wife, she was thrilled to bits and the car is wonderful. Just came back from a week touring around France and noticed that the...
  9. A

    E320 CDI MAF Misery....

    Apologies for yet another MAF thread...but I wondered if anyone could shed some light on this one.... 2000 E320 CDI. Car will not rev past 3000 rpm. Diagnostic test tells me TPS fault hence car is in limp home mode. Replace TPS, clear fault, re-test. Car will still not rev past 3000 rpm. I...
  10. Satch

    Driving in most of UK now misery from start to finish

    Good, if depressing, Motoring Telegraph article. http://www.opinion.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jhtml?xml=/opinion/2005/04/21/do2101.xml&sSheet=/opinion/2005/04/21/ixopinion.html And it never stops. details of leaked plans from Transport for London to increase numbers of cameras in London...
  11. Satch

    Monday misery

    Monday morning and I am trying to tank up but C270cdi is blocking access to diesel pumps. Get out & find driver flapping around at the cash desk having just tanked her car with BP Ultimate petrol. (why, o why, do BP insist on siting all the Ultimate pumps together on the same island with...
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