1. markheaney2

    S350 did 2010 hesitation misfire cough

    Good evening I am a chauffeur based in York, I use a Mercedes s 350 bluefficiency 2010, I have a recurring problem, here goes, sometimes when I accelerate whether gently or more the car feels numb, the next time it feels like a rocket, when it is numb it is often followed by a cough or misfire...
  2. R

    1994 SL320 M104 misfire

    Fine one day, then idle went awol and misfire started, felt like 2 cylinders but may have been one. Total mileage driven with miss about 4 miles. Took car home and left it, whilst errands run in spare car. Several hours later I started it miss still there, I ran a diagnostic blink code...
  3. U

    Misfire on Cylinder 2

    Hello everyone, I'm driving w203 c200, M111 engine. I had done several test but misfire on Cylinder 2 remain the same (no spray): 1. swap ignition coils. 2. swap fuel injectors. 3. wire harness have power and i'm using test light only. Faulty code : 1. P0302 - Cylinder 2 Misfire...
  4. B

    W211 misfire, power loss and smoking.

    I have a 2005 W211 E320 with 135,000 on the clock. It has been running faultlessly but, after filling the tank to full, (from about one third full), the engine misfires, especially when pressure is applied to the throttle pedal, it has a lack of power and emits black smoke when revved while...
  5. D

    W124 320 misfire when hot

    Predictably my recently purchased 1995 e320 has thrown a minor wobbly It gets quite warm, I.e around 100 on the gauge when driving fairly normally, I would have thought it should stay closer to the just above 80 that my others do. When hot it will misfire on one or two cylinders and as...
  6. L

    elusive misfire sl320

    Hello all, I have a 1998 V6 SL320, which suddenly drops to firing on what feels like three cylinders only. Cutting the engine off, then restarting immediately, always cures the problem. The problem usually, but not always, occurs after a run of 200 km or more, but after the first occurrence...
  7. K

    Occasional misfire Mercedes Mechanic Baffled

    Hi all, My C220 CDI 54 plate has had the Glow plug relay replaced, glow plugs replaced and my EGR valve replaced with new genuine parts, yet the car is still occasionally misfiring? The fuel injectors have all being pressure tested etc., and all test OK. STAR diagnostics reports no faults or...
  8. R

    Mercedes Cls 350 2005 Cylinder 6 Misfire

    *0632 Misfire * 0648 Miafiring Of Cylinder 6 Worsening Of Exhaust Emission Value After Engine Start ( P0306) * 2326 The Engine Off Time has Has An Implausible Value Compression Test Done Cylinder 6 Side All Low Compression Other Side Is All Good Dont Know What To Do Any Suggestions Let Me Know
  9. 4

    w211 injectior misfire WTF!!!

    Hi all.My E270 cdi 2003 has some problems. First it has 2 cylinders misfire (2, 4).One injector has chuf chuf noise. What does these cause??
  10. PurpleDog

    Cylinder misfire on M120 engine (SL600)

    Cylinder misfire on M120 engine (SL70) Hi all, There was some misfiring detected in 2 or 3 of the cylinders in my car. According to the dealer, it would require about 32 manhours to remove cylinder heads to check (so some £5,000). Other option is to run some miles on it to see if...
  11. S

    2006 C230 2.5 V6 - Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected

    Hi all, really hoping that someone can help. My C230 threw a P2006 (Intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck Closed Bank 1) error code and after removing the Intake Manifold I discovered the whole unit needed replacing, so sadly the cheap fix went out the window. I also found that the MAP Sensor...
  12. R

    E200k misfire issues

    Hi new to the forum would appreciate all your help I have a 2009 w211 e200k recently my motor was underpowered upon inspection found the vent hoses behind the supercharger were missing the one way valve replaced with new hoses and valve now the car runs and idles fine but as the car reaches...
  13. G

    Vito misfire

    Hi everyone, new to the forum and already looking for help lol:fail Just availed myself of a '97 V230 Ambiente having had to pension off my 113 Vito conversion. My most immediate area for attention is the ignition system. At low revs everything is smooth but under any load or increased...
  14. D

    Non Mercedes misfire question.

    Family member has the following problem and it's currently sat at the main dealer and they aren't exactly sure so I thought I'd see if there was any thoughts or ideas as to what you think it could be... Vehicle: 2006 Audi A6 3.2 V6 (petrol) Mileage: 99k Symptoms: intermittent misfire...
  15. Z

    Misfire after rain

    Hi Guys, got a ml 320 2001, and this annoying little problem. After a rainstorm, when i start it up it runs pretty poorly, when feeling the Exhaust it is a definite thump thump thump.. signs of a misfire? feels like it when driving.. Also if i stop and check exhaust its still the same. But, if i...
  16. T

    Small misfire when warm W169 A150

    Hi My wife's A150 has a very small misfire, or more like an intermittent judder (very small) when the engine is warmed up. You can only really feel it when sat in traffic or when cruising at a constant speed. The rev counter doesn't even dip when it occurs but it is just noticeable. We still...
  17. flango

    weird misfire

    OK here we go again been using the CLK as my daily since I've bent the milk float. Get in it this morning abs and esp lights don't go out also car is misfiring it's nuts off. Have to jump in JSWMBO beetle to go see a client embarrassing or what :-) Get home this afternoon scan it and no fault...
  18. P

    S211 E320cdi misfire

    When cold and trying to accelerate anything more than very gently it misfires between 2-3,000 rpm. Not always from completely cold, even a restart after a few hours. Been to my indie for a service and no error codes were logged, also no failure indications during the misfiring. Once warm it...
  19. E

    R129 SL500 misfire

    I have a regular misfire on my '94 SL 500. I've changed the plugs,distributor caps and rotor arms, but it has made no difference. Seven plugs are the right light brown colour; the front left plug is just oily - not carbon fouled - with no sign of combustion in that pot. I'm thinking a new...
  20. J19 HWS

    S600 W220 misfire when NOT driving

    If I try revving the engine whilst standing still it will not rev above 2300 -2500 rpm without trying to cut out, when I'm driving there's not a single problem with it, idling is smooth and when on the road I can floor it and doesn't miss a beat no loss of power, any ideas anyone?
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