1. smillion

    Are Hybrid mpg and co2 levels fantasy and misleading

    Is it just me ? I'm fed up reading about stella mpg and minuscule co2 emissions on hybrid exec cars, which attract all the relevant benefits of low emission vehicles including full tax allowances for businesses that buy them and low benefit in kind for employees that run them. And yet "real...
  2. Gucci

    Bluewater Parking Ticket... misleading sign

    Last weekend, I went to Bluewater where the car parks were packed. One in, one out etc. There are well signed areas with road markings (cross hatch and red painted pedestrian zones). Fair enough. However, there are also a couple of areas which are not cross hatched or painted red and are...
  3. blue190

    w201 Misleading gauges

    Hello to you all, just returned to this fine forum after a spell in the wilderness that is not owning a merc. Recently purchased a 93L 190e 2.0 off of fleabay for a little over 400 quid, not perfect by any means, but its straight, drives nice and is reasonably clean too. The only gripes I have...
  4. uumode

    Misleading Buy it now button?

    Do you think the Buy it now button could be misleading? If somebody looked at the start price then automatically assumed the Buy it now price was the same, - ouch... expensive mistake http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=10372&item=2490722224&rd=1
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