1. B

    Anyone going to miss engine noise from 2040?

    OK I know it was announced a few days ago that all cars manufactured in 23 years time are going to have to be electric but I was thinking that I will miss the sound of the combustion engine. Cars like the C Class diesel have been criticized for their gruff sounding engines but is a silent ride...
  2. 3

    cl55 slight engine miss

    i know this is probably a stupid question but here we go anyway i had my cats checked over in longlife to find out that one of the primary cats is empty (the secondaries have been removed prior to me owning it) so i only have one functioning cat out of the two, now ive noticed only at idle that...
  3. knighterrant

    Hamilton to miss Monaco?

  4. jfhuk

    Surging and miss firing after MOT.

    My E350 was in for its MOT on Tuesday, which it passed. Since then though it's been surging and miss firing particularly when the engine is cold. I realise it could be a coincidence, but is there anything that the MOT could have done to cause this sort of issue? As prior to the test it was fine.
  5. bpsorrel

    Near miss!

    Sometimes luck can really be on your side!
  6. R

    Near miss...

    Joining a motorway today, the inside lane clear (as usual) the other two full. So, this fool in a Q3 decides the inside lane looks inviting...so decides, without indicating to move to that lane...at the point I was both joining the motorway and running out of slip road. Much pumping of horn...
  7. developer

    E55 Does Driving Miss Daisy

    Talk about Sunday driving :devil:. https://www.facebook.com/carthrottle/videos/1109222362422146/?__mref=message_bubble Sh!t grille BTW.
  8. KillerHERTZ

    Heads Up: Final Topgear with Clarkson etc Tonight - 8pm BBC2

    Final ever Clarkson Topgear, Gary Lineker guest. BBC2 8PM
  9. biturbo

    TopGear Getting Boring / Clarkson Fired

    Top gear recently has had the porsche 928 which is about the 3rd time they have had a feature with this car. The jag f type tonight been done recently, same as eagle speedster. Last week the lfo been done recently, the bently continental, been done in various versions about 5 times. The new s...
  10. developer

    Do You Miss Driving Your Car?

    This week I drove my car on Monday, but not again until Thursday, then again yesterday, but not today. Now I'm looking forward to tomorrow, where I'll be turning the key again :thumb:. On the "down" days I find myself looking forward to the next opportunity to drive. Is this what separates...
  11. A

    engine miss firing

    How can I detect a mis fire on a 6 cylinder twin spark v6 w202 c240
  12. DSM10000

    Near miss at aptly named airport!

    BBC News - Planes in 'near miss' at Barcelona airport The name of the airport? El Prat:D
  13. clk208

    3 month absence, what did I miss?!

    Hi folks. I decided to take a break from forums in February for a few weeks to focus on an overseas work trip. When I got back I was sort of in the habit of not browsing the forum, time flew and managed not to check in until now! Whilst I don't have a huge post count being more of a reader...
  14. KillerHERTZ

    Skydivers Near Miss with a Meteorite

    Holy f*ck, this skydiver almost got hit by a meteorite! gzYJaQ0h4Dg :eek::eek::eek:
  15. S

    Features of the W204 I miss.

    After reading a similar thread on the new E Class, it got me thinking... ...The volume is always too loud on the stereo when you first start the car. Very annoying having to turn it down every time you start. No door opening warning (just like the new E Class) Combi stalk, I just don't get on...
  16. developer

    Bargain Fog Light Offer - Don't Miss Out

    Glaringly obvious pricing error :cool:. W211/ S211 2007-2008 Glass Projector Fog Light Black for Mercedes Benz E350 E500 | eBay
  17. developer

    Scoop - Dealer Shifts New E Class at Bargain Prices - Do Not Miss

    I've ordered two :D. Mercedes Benz E Class Cdi Blueefficiency E350 Estate 2013, 4000 Miles, £9999999 - 15409698 - ExchangeandMart.co.uk
  18. P

    I miss petrol

    Having had my current hire car for a few days I realise how much I miss petrol engines, after 8 years of diesels. Although it's a Hyundai, it has a 3.8l V6 with an 8 speed auto box. The best part is it produces 333bhp. It is so smooth that I can't tell if it's running or not at idle, it...
  19. martyp87

    Do I have the right part (p/n number miss match)

    Well, went to my dealer to order a center cap for one of my wheels (star fell off when cleaning, made a nice decoration on the xmas tree though :D). So whilst I was there I ordered in the aluminium pedals as per a thread on here. Part numbers I ordered were: A 170 300 00 04 : gas pedal A...
  20. D

    Near miss at heathrow terminal pickup

    Was picking a friend at the airport and in my excitement, double parked and put the car in reverse instead of park. Got out the car, shut door and car was picking up speed in reverse. I just manage to make back into the car in time before disaster struck. Very close call! Why don't the C class...
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