1. camerafodder

    I'm surprised you missed this Grober!

    Given that you are our resident PR man of all things 'space travel' I'm appalled that this huge leap forward for mankind has been missed! pLxzPIu9-1o
  2. knighterrant

    Missed flight - insurance claim query

    Help. Returning home from St Moritz yesterday we missed our flight from Zurich to Luton with easyJet. The first train to Chur took about 20 minutes longer than scheduled (no reason given but presumably the weather). This meant we missed our connecting train and the one after that, resulting in...
  3. Druk

    Late request for missed payment.

    Whilst on holiday I received this email, backed-up by a voicemail when we got home. Dear Mr. X, We are really sorry, we have made a mistake! Following an audit, we realise that over the 2013 Christmas period (Nov '13 – Jan '14), we missed a step in the credit card process that authorises...
  4. 1

    C63 Missed Service

    My first post and not a happy one. I've just purchased an approved used 2008 C63 from a main dealer and I've been informed today (after requesting the service history prior to purchase) that there is no record of a service until 2010 @ circa 33k miles! I was also told on collection that the...
  5. T

    Have I missed something?

    Hi, Is it possible to enter GPS coordinates into a COMAND NTG4? I've looked in all the menus with no luck.
  6. Benzowner

    MB Missed a Trick?

    There are now many 4x4's around with 2 litre ish engines and wonder whether MB has missed a market by not putting a 2litre engine in the ML. The current crop of MB engines of that size certainly outperform the early 2.7 litre, and people do look at CO2 and road tax costs
  7. A

    I'm back what have I missed.....

    Hello All Sorry with moving house, living in a caravan and the amount of work we have had to do to our current house to say I've been busy is an understatement. What have I missed, I'm not going through months of posts :) I notice one member has an even quicker Hurst :) jealous me...
  8. E

    Missed Auto transmission fluid change

    Hi, I am looking at buying a E320 from a private seller which has full MBSH. I noticed that the Automatic transmission fluid has not been changed. The car has done about 60,000 miles. On the test drive I could not pick up clunks or slippages. Will the delay in changing the fluid have any...
  9. A

    Hello - I'm Back what have I missed? oh and Geneva show 2013 again !!

    Hello I've been off line a while.... Moved house and its been a full renovation job... so basically too busy and the fact we have been living in our touring caravaan with only 3G aarrgghhh Anyway have I missed much? Off to the Geneva show tomorrow so back just in time to grab...
  10. Gh3382

    Holiday missed daughter in accident.

    We were due to go to Tenerife on Sunday morning but our 14 year old walked in to the road and was hit by a taxi It happened in front of our house and we heard the bang to see her on the floor. Being a coastal rescue officer i am medically trained but did not expect to be using it on my...
  11. misfire84

    c32 gone and missed

    well it had to come the C32 amg had to go as I did not have the space to keep it . so gone is the 23mpg on a good day ! gone is the need to replace the tyres every 6 months, gone is the smile when you need to use the power to overtake ( under 70 !) Now I have defected to a nother german make...
  12. E CLASS

    A little dissapointed - missed a car.

    Missed a £2k "W" E430 Estate at the weekend. 2 owner vehicle that had been meticilously maintained. Am I mad wanting one? I know of one other locally that I might 'cold call'. Rust is the big killer obviously but are they ok otherwise??
  13. PXW

    Have I missed something...

    There seems to have been something going on - I keep seeing Union flags all over the place - but England aren't playing, the World Cup was last summer, it's not Wimbledon yet and I can't think of any big national sporting event on at the moment. Can anyone enlighten me?:dk:
  14. smillion

    Missed this 1990 300SL - good value?

    I missed this. Was watching it but got the time wrong :confused: 1990 MERCEDES 300SL AUTO BLUE Reserve lowered on eBay (end time 09-Jan-11 11:08:46 GMT) anel What does the panel think - good value at £3,750? Looked to be.... Marc
  15. Colin_b

    C63 - what hve I missed?

    Can some kind soul give me a précis of why the C63 is good/bad, whatever? I'm confused by the in jokes. Sorry.
  16. Gucci

    So, was this a special edition SLK that I missed?

    Bentley Kent : SLK200 Automatic
  17. weemo1

    gutted missed gtg @ cornwall

    Cant belive i listen to myself when i was drinking last night. i say to myself 1 more will be fine!!! 10 past 11 this morning sore head and really cheesed off ive missed the meet @ cornwall. sorry. at least you had the weather . any smart rides??
  18. smillion

    Ferrari 250GT - missed opportunity?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300310563604&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT&viewitem= I watched this finish today and wonder whether this was lost opportunity or a blessing that I left alone? I have a history of buying cars sight unseen off ebay and to date the...
  19. LeighW

    A missed bargain CLK500

    THIS ended whilst I was out at the gym, I'd forgotten the finish time. Looks like someone may have bagged a bargain there. :crazy:
  20. wobbly

    Happy Birthday Tan, we nearly missed it !

    Happy Birthday to you.:bannana:
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