1. way318

    CLA Shooting Brake X117 - part missing

    Hi, does anyone know the part number for the Rear Wheel arch extension piece (Black Plastic part that stick out of the rear wheel arch) as noticed that the driver side one is missing. The passenger side one is there, but can't see a part number on it. Cheers
  2. S

    Missing 2 volts?

    Hi, I've looked at the forum and searched but struggled to find a answer, but I've been puting this off for months now and as cooler nights aren't far away I need answers. My c320 cdi is slow starting, to much cranking, I fitted a set of Bosch heater plugs then a new (Beru) relay, then a second...
  3. gramey

    Missing miles?

    During my usual trawl of ebay, I know I need to get out more, I came across this ad and I thought I might give this a look as I have to go to Colchester tomorrow anyway. It looks clean and tidy and the price is enticing especially given the miles it's apparently done. The only trouble is that it...
  4. V

    Please help to identify missing trim - B150

    Hiya, could you please help to identify the piece of trim missing from my '07 plate B-150 (W245). It is on the lower part of the wheel arch and is essentially an extension of the door trim. Part number, proper name, and suggestions on where to source would be much appreciated. Many Thanks
  5. Kingpin!

    Missing the beeps...

    I've recently acquired yet another R-Class. In my old trusty car I always get a bing sound when engaging the park on the shifter, this seems gone on the new vehicle, is this something that can be activated? Also, same goes for the power tailgate, there are like 4-5 bings when closing and...
  6. B

    What is missing?

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a 2011 c250 estate and in the boot, just above where the spare goes, there is a shelf which houses the Mercedes foldaway box etc. My question is what else fits in this tray? I can't seem to find any information on the other tools/ equipment that should go here...
  7. wu56Shoozz

    Vito - What am I missing??

    Its my Vito.. Its a 2006 111CDi. In the Glove box there's an indentation between the two cup holders on the lid, as "Moose" The Boxer says "Wot Doin'?" It looks like an indentation for a torch..could be wrong? :dk:
  8. Z

    Missing part??

    Hi Guys, had my ML320 2001 MOT'd and on the advisory it said the rear anti roll bar was corroded, got it home and started looking at the fails.. bulbs, pads etc. and i thought i'd take a look at the rear AR bar, Sure enough it had lots of flakey red stuff on it. However i followed the AR bar to...
  9. markjay

    Irish Coast Guard Helicopter Missing off Co Mayo Coast

    Irish Coast Guard helicopter goes missing: One crew member found as search continues for three others Very very sad. And what makes it more difficult to bear is the fact that this is a rescue helicopter... the crew were risking their lives to save others. I hope they are all found a live and...
  10. S

    Missing boot lights

    Hi Guys, I've had my CL for a few months now and, whilst I should have spotted this earlier, it turns out that I have non existant boot interior lights. I initially assumed that the bulb had blown both sides, so I thought its a simple 2min job which of course didn't get done until 4 months...
  11. F

    Advice - Would you avoid a car missing a service?

    Hi all Was looking for some advice... Looking at a 171 SLK 55 AMG. Currently the car has 68k on the clock. From 2012 - 2014 no service was carried out and it covered 15k miles in between . After this period a major service was carried out..would this put you off purchasing the car?
  12. H

    Mercedes Me App - Some data missing

    I'm a new owner of a E220d Premium and have all the non-extra fee services enabled. On my app, I have "- -" against Brake Linings Brake Fluid Coolant Washer Fluid All other data is working (after a couple of back end tweeks by the app support team). Any other drivers have this info...
  13. brucemillar

    Missing for 40 years?

    I read this on the BBC news and remember the case in 1976. 40 years on I wonder if somebody is sitting there waiting for that knock on the door? What a tragic event for the family. The missing: 40 years of seeking Renee and Andrew MacRae - BBC News
  14. S

    Missing Part CLK55 AMG

    Hello to all, I'm a newbie here on the forum and just bought a year 2000 CLK55 AMG today. I got it off a friend who is leaving the country for good and at a very good price. My concern is the engine seems to be missing a part . It doesn't seem to affect the drivability or anything else and...
  15. lisa110rry

    I'm missing the little green car!

    This is the first year since I bought her in May 2013 that I've missed driving the little green car post October 1st when she goes into the garage and the Honda comes out and sensible driving recommences. They are both old, but my rural driving pattern has always suggested to me that I should...
  16. A

    W208 Fastest fix for - Missing rear reluctor ring

    Hello, I'm looking for help please. I need to work out which is faster to change: the rear reluctor ring on 2001 CLK 230 K OR the whole (half) drive shaft? Bought it needing MOT'D started reading the forums have replaced speed sensor, cleaned out Mass, done brake light switch. Finally got a...
  17. S

    Missing Option ?!?!

    Hi Guys, I received my 2014 CL500 yesterday, and its brilliant. I've had CL63 AMGs before, but I always felt that they had somewhat of a multiple personality. On one side, the chassis was all about cruising but the drivetrain wanted to be revved up and driven hard. It literally felt like a...
  18. J

    S211 2005 E55 AMG rear AV remote missing

    I have the above with the factory supplied rear centrally mounted AV screen. You can select to watch the TV/DVD/aux input etc, and there are 2 headphone outputs and volume controls. However I don't have the remote that came with it and without this you cant select the source and it is stuck on...
  19. P

    The missing Brabus?

    Last October I posted a thread about an unusual car I had just purchased; a Brabus W126C—a 1982 500 SEC that had apparently been retooled and marketed by Brabus. The Mercedes was in pretty sad shape—the interior was a mess and full of trash and despite the seller’s insistence that this was a...
  20. waisal

    Oil leak W202 C43 have I got missing oil sump bolts

    I have an oil leak which has got progressively worse, small pools of oil on the road overnight. I have lifted the car and removed engine cover and cleaned up the sump but it looks like I have sump bolts missing please see pictures Can anyone confirm this is the case and would it mean a sump...
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