1. J

    Mission to Find an E55 !

    Hey, Im Bilal, currently own a collection of Japanese Cars (Impreza Type R, 180SX, DC2 Turbo, Civic Turbo, Mugen RR, Evo VI). Looking to add an E55 to my collection, so doing some research and looking to source the right one, seems like all the ones up for sale are mainly silver. But...
  2. L

    Winter Recovery Mission

    So as the winter is slowing becoming spring, i thought it was a good time to get the CLS into a respectable state again and i had a spare day to do so. Started with my usual wash method. This involved a good soak in Magifoam, pressure rinsed off after dwelling followed by a two bucket wash...
  3. BAZZER1

    On a mission

    Hi All Can anyone tell me if the weather makes any difference to a cars emissions ??? for example: Hot Weather & Cold Weather/ Wet or Dry Day. BAZZER1
  4. R

    On a mission :)

    I'm on another long Scotland drive and today we were at Knockhill :bannana:
  5. E

    Mission impossible

    Trying to find a seller in UK! :( 3D Foot Mat - MERCEDES E-CLASS-W211--buy Car accessories online at carkhana.com
  6. Godot

    Mission for Today ?

    Mission4Today › ForumsPro › R & R Forums › Photo Galleries › WWII Aircraft Photo's › GB Tally Ho Chaps (stunning photos)
  7. grober

    Mission to Mars

    With all the excitement of the Olympics dominating our screens folks have tended to overlook a rather significant Space exploration event due to take place in the next few hours with the touchdown of the new Curiosity Mars lander at about 10:31 p.m. PDT tonight (about 1:31 a.m. Aug. 6, EDT)...
  8. grober

    Cold chain mission

    Anybody watched the Ewan MacGregor Cold Chain Mission programs about supplying vaccines to children in the Third World. Gives one pause for thought for the immense disparity in the world's resources in the most remote regions of the world. BBC iPlayer - Ewan McGregor: Cold Chain Mission...
  9. Dryce

    Channel 5 - Royal Navy Submarine Mission

    Having just watched a recording of this programme from C5 on Monday evening I would recommend it. It does give a pretty good impression of what it's like on a boat. The clutter of the equipment and variety and use of spaces (there are bits they never show). It's worth contrasting with the...
  10. del320

    For the Man on a Mission

    You can have all the *63AMGs or SLSs in the world but what you really want is to be a Pope! Like the parting of the waters, you'll have a fast trouble free journey wherever you go. He's in the silver Range Rover heading over to Bellahouston Park in Glasgow.
  11. J

    AMG CLK in Mission Impossible III

    Did you noticed the topless AMG CLK, Tom Cruise was driving on MI III on channel 4 last night? I thought it was going to be another boring film to pass the time until I was awoken by the sight of it.:bannana: Nice colour too.
  12. scotth_uk

    Another Nurburgring Mission (June 12-14)

    Hi All, Just thought I would let you know - Bend and I are heading back to the ring again, but we're doing it on the cheap and thought that some of you may be interested. A friend is coming all the way from Australia to do a couple of laps with us. :-) We're going with Ryanair from...
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