1. ash59fifty-uk

    This is the LAST time I buy the missus a Porsche!!

    She's only gone and done this~ https://www.facebook.com/Tweak.dk/videos/10154440977631062/
  2. Sp!ke

    In the dog house - again

    The Smart Navigation system has a speed limit setting. So the other day I set it so that if you went 5mph over the speed limit, the radio would mute and at high volume it would shout "PLEASE MIND THE SPEED LIMIT" The following day she had a 250 mile drive. :devil::devil::devil:
  3. C

    Hi, joining on behalf of the missus

    Hi all, Joining on behalf of the missus, as her car is giving her grief and it's left to me to try and sort it all out. Or at least give her the ammo to take to the dealer with her for fixing! (Please check out the typical "Hi, and here's my problem" post in the technical electronics bit of...
  4. P

    help please, the missus is going to kill me

    3 weeks back we part exchanged our vauxhall meriva for a ml320 2007, now our meriva never once let us down, the ml has now let us down for the second time, after week one a module thing to do with the turbo was changed by my local main dealer , now the same symptoms have returned, loss of power...
  5. DSLiverpool

    My Missus The Stand Up Comedian

    She works at Claire house the kids hospice in Wirral and as a fundraiser they got 10 none comedians and helped them do a routine. This is in front of 300 people at the Marriot Liverpool YouTube - Anna-Maria Picariello first ever stand up for Claire House She doubts a career is in the...
  6. culpano

    Please help me decide which Corsa deal my missus should go for

    She wants a Vauxhall Corsa and is pondering whether to go for a 09 reg with a few thousand miles on it or a new 59 reg. The dealer we would like to buy from is a family owned Vauxhall franchise in Manchester and they were great. No pressure selling. Very friendly and professional. They have...
  7. EDZ649

    Nice VW Polo for the missus anyone?

    Selling this on behalf of my cousin :) http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=110348736287&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=001
  8. M

    Bernie's missus files for divorce

    Mrs Ecclescake's PR company announced today that she is filing for divorce. Bernie's comment was that he didn't know she had a PR company and that "you learn something every day". Of interest is that, for tax purposes, many of Bernie's holdings are in wifey's name including large parts of...
  9. flango

    Missus wants an S class !!!!!!!!!

    Hi All My better half has just walked in and said she has seen a fantastic car on the way home from work and has fell in love. I have managed to find it on auto trader and would welcome opinions on price what to look for etc.. thanks...
  10. imadoofus

    Help to cheer my missus up

    Wotcha. On reflection, that's not a good title for this thread... ;) My PC got fried at 4:30 this morning, by a power spike. Yes, I had a protector, and no it didn't blummen work! PC was ok, but my hard drive is dead. Upshot is, we bought a new pc today. It's pretty cool, with a...
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