1. S

    What's the biggest mistake of your life?

    Recently I switched jobs on a load of promises etc. I went back to working for a huge corporate and basically it's been nothing but broken promises since I joined. I sold my C63 which I had held out for a few years to be able to buy and basically generally changes my life to appease the...
  2. merc85

    HUFF post spot the mistake lol

    Migrant Treated For Petrol Inhalation After Being Found Crammed Behind Car Engine
  3. MWCLS

    Changing cars to a 4x4? Am I making a mistake?

    Just looking for some ideas, I've owned my W219 CLS 3 years in August, ( longest I've owned any car) It is pretty much immaculate imo, few age related external marks but the interior is box fresh.. Full main mercedes dealer history. One previous owner, garaged, Covered just 800 miles in the last...
  4. alistairgd

    Did I make a mistake ordering like for like Continentals for first W204 tyre change?

    My W204 C180 has just turned 19,000 miles and is 2 years old next month. The rear tyres conti 255 35 18" are on the limit and I'm getting them replaced on Monday at its B1 service. MB have quoted £375 for like for like replacement fitted. Now I'm thinking if I should have considered a...
  5. R

    wrong battery terminal connection

    Hi Guys, Ive made a really silly error. This evening after coming out of a supermarket my battery just died. Dont ask why, as i am not sure why and its secondary to my actual problem at the moment. So i had a spare battery in the boot and rather than using it to jump the car i just...
  6. V

    Having trouble getting courier to refund me for their mistake.

    Hello all Sorry, abit of a long one i know, but it shows the dilemma im in. I usually use Interparcel to get the best prices from couriers and then book it all through Interparcel themselves. On this particular occasion i had to send out 4 parcels quite quickly as the customers all had their...
  7. P

    Sunny Bank Holiday? shurly some mistake

    Took advantage of the unusual sunny break to nip over to France/Belgium for our annual fag shop on Saturday and have a roam around the East Midlands today. After going to Adinkerke, we visited Bray-Dunes for lunch and then discovered an interesting French walled village as we headed back to...
  8. C

    Big mistake: Bought OEM LED tails from Germany W204 red Indicators!

    Hi, I dont know what to do here, I stupidly bought a set of oem w204 facelift tails from Germany thinking they would be German spec. I installed them, all went nicely and then bam, the indicator leds are USA red, I was shattered.:mad: Any ideas on what I should do. MOT fail I presume and the...
  9. E

    How big a mistake have I made? W211 E320 :-)

    To replace my current daily runabout and have a alternate caravan-towing capability, I've just purchased an 02-plate W211 E320 CDi Avantgarde estate with 144,000 miles on the clock. Comes with new MOT, service and 12-month parts/labour warranty from a non-Mercedes-Benz garage. What are the...
  10. deemi786

    Mistake!! Help?!

    Guys/Gals, need some advice, i am due to recieve my new c250 AMG Sport Plus this wednesday. :bannana: In my excitement decided to check the order form and I think there may be a mistake. :( I ordered the following New Mercedes C-Class Coupe 1.8 i BlueEFFICIENCY 16v (201bhp) C250 AMG...
  11. neilz

    Have they made a mistake or has some idiot stuck the badge on?

    The listing says S320, please don't tell me the S600 badge on the back is a Halfords aftermarket thing :crazy: I don't see V12 decals on the sides... 1999 T MERCEDES BENZ S320 L AUTO 49K NO SENSIBLE OFFER REFUSED | eBay
  12. Howard

    Spot the mistake.

    Do the people who write these things not proof read them before uploading ? Argentina: UK's Falklands Stance Is 'Absurd' - Yahoo! News UK
  13. trapperjohn

    Just the odd mistake in this 124 Ad.

    Mercedes-Benz E220 2.2 auto SE | eBay
  14. mbzclk

    Is a CL (W215) a BIG MISTAKE about to happen?

    I love these things...:devil: Now I have seen them for around 8.5K with FSH... I am looking at the 2003 facelift version (less faults/no rust??? - Is that true? Or shall I get a 01/02 pre-facelift) However how bad are these? OK I know about ABC is that the only big issue? Looking on ECP...
  15. WDB124066

    Would This Be A Mistake.....?

    Possible new S Class styling......:confused:
  16. moonloops

    Did I make a big mistake ??

    About 4 years ago a mate was "part-exing" his W124 300E-24v saloon and he asked me if I wanted to buy it instead. Given that it was a mint 75,000 mile example with all the usual options but with a cloth interior I said yes and got it for £1500 ! I really enjoyed it but foolishly traded it in...
  17. thebook

    Navigation 50 - Have I made a mistake?

    When ordering my new car, I specc'ed Navigation 50 as opposed to Comand as I thought this would be adequate. Everyone else I know has Comand fitted, is it so much better than Navigation 50? I will still have ipod integration etc... Car will be new E Class Coupe arriving in 5 weeks. Thanks
  18. M

    have I made a mistake????

    Im new here, and ive just bought a 1990 300 ce (as seen on ebay) engine is sweet box works ok. BUT, should it have central locking? how do you lock the seat backs? the sun roof dont work? but it goes like stink. Have I done the right thing
  19. J

    Have I made a mistake?

    Having been a MB owner, since I could afford them;), I have just said a sad farewell to my 1990 W126 300 S class which gave me 200k+ miles and 18 years of faithfull service. Ok, It was not an "all singing dancing" machine but it was a good honest Merc which during 18 years, with the exception...
  20. D

    Mercedes-Benz Admits to Chrysler Merger Mistake

    What now? Are they having a divorce? http://www.worldcarfans.com/9080522.001/mercedes-benz-admits-to-chrysler-merger-mistake
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