1. AMGeed

    Mistaken identity

    My daughter's boyfriend has just received a fixed penalty notice for allegedly driving his car on the A282 Trunk Road (Dartford-Thurrock charging section) at 20 57 on 11/12/2014 without paying the £2 50 fee. The penalty is £70 reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days. The problem is, he was at...
  2. jpskiller

    Mistaken Identity

    Not sure what to call this thread.. but since driving round in my old E-Class I've been mistaken for a Taxi driver on numerous occasions with people trying to flag me down and when meeting wife at supermarket entrance, people trying to get in back of car.. Other things people say is that I...
  3. pwks

    Mistaken identity

    Went in to a merc showroom to look at an e55 and parked up in the car park. The salesperson then said, 'I see you have one already, is this going to be your 2nd car??' Of course I played along!! Maybe he was just after the sale! He! He! :D :D
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