1. Z

    Is your W212 misting up?

    I have a problem with my E350 CDI from 2011. It´s misting up on the windscreen and front windows every time i start my car in damp weather. If it´s been standing out in the rain the whole night there is no problem when i start the engine in the morning. The problem is just present when...
  2. M

    Windows Misting Up

    I've noticed on very cold mornings that the windows mist up quite badly. Even with the de-mist setting or any other variation of the a/c and fan the problem remains long after the car is up to temperature. Neither of my previous Vito cabs had any problems like this with their a/c so I...
  3. Cooky

    Roof rails White misting

    Anyone else had this problem Only really noticeable on close inspection but a lot of the silver work I.e. roof rails and window surrounds have white misting on them MB claiming outside influence is the cause and not claim able under warranty. I only ever use auto glum products on my cars so...
  4. W

    Misting windows

    Hello all, I have a problem with the windows misting up on the inside when the car is left standing. The front screen is especially bad. The a/c is always on when I drive and this is the 4th W204 I've owned and never had this problem before so I'm a little bemused as to why the windows are...
  5. J

    Headlamp misting

    Hello folks, My father 'disputed for reason your about to see', has misting inside his vehicles headlamp cluster. I have checked the seals and lens and cant see how the its getting in. Spoke with the dealers and he says it as the lens get hot and cold and wont fix it. Think that bit is...
  6. 1

    W210 Headlight Misting

    Has anyone had any success in cleaning the outside of the headlights of a W210, which have misted, seen a couple of things on youtube.....maybe someone has tried it? Got a mot looming think it maybe a problem... Thanks in advance :D
  7. soley

    CLS Misting up

    I have been the proud owner of a 2007 cls 320 fro 6 weeks now,i love the car but cannot stop the windows steaming up unless i leave the aircon on ,the dealer said its coz the windows are high:confused: anyone with the same problem or does it need to go into mb,by the way its 2 zone
  8. J

    W203 misting up

    I have a W203 220 CDI MY2001.the inside of the glass is misting up very bad.When I park up after a run the next day the glass is very wet inside,I have checked under the carpets all dry the boot is dry,when I drive the car I have to have the aircon on all of the time or it mists up.The only...
  9. D

    MISTING Problem

    i have a 2000 E320CDi, the problem im having with it is that its misting on the inside windscreen even on short journeys, it was 20 celsius this evening and it was even misting then. Whenever i get into the car and switch the heater on the inner windscreen just complete clouds up for a good 30...
  10. S

    Turbo Oil Leak (Misting?) E220CDI

    Hi, I took my car to the dealer to look at an apparent oil leak from the big pipe attached to the turbo on my E220CDI. The dealer advised it's not a leak and they just wiped off the oil! Apparently it's 'misting' and this is entirely normal where the hoses join on to the turbo. (It's on the...
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