1. David404

    Farecla G3 clay mitt - Halfords

    Anybody used this clay mitt? Opinion/comment/suggestion???
  2. vijilants

    G3 clay mitt - brilliant product !!!!!

    Anyone used the G3 clay mitt ? I used one today.....what a brilliant product .....very quick and easy to use and the paintwork comes out super smooth. :thumb: Far easier and quicker than using a traditional clay bar.
  3. M.A.94

    Best wash mitt??

    With all the salt and dirt which the winter roads introduce to my dark coloured car, I'm looking into the best wash mitt which would pull dirt off the car without scratching the surface. The washing procedure I currently imply is thoroughly rinse the dirt off the car, most times with a jet...
  4. L

    can anyone recomend a good lambs wool mitt

    Sorry if sounds like a silly question but I am new to washing cars and am going to use the two bucket and grit guard method and have noticed some people saying that even after just a few washers that the lambs wool mitt is starting to come away,can you recommend a good strong but soft mitt that...
  5. reflexboy

    G3 Clay Mitt problem

    I tried the G3 clay mitt a few months back on my rear bumper (obsidian black) and whilst it left the paint feeling like glass it left it looking almost orange peely. Tried SRP to get the marks off, then T Cut and finally had to resort to using the DA with a medium compound. I thought it maybe...
  6. T

    Clay Mitt

    Hi, I need to buy a clay mitt, Any recommendations, never bought one before as I have all ways done it the old fashioned way, clay bar. Many Thanks.
  7. M

    G3 Clay Mitt

    Just used 1 of these G3 clay mitts on my little Corsa to try it out. Christ it's good. 20 minutes to do the whole car. Never found polishing a car so easy. Gonna go to Halfords tomorrow and buy another 3 before the sell out for future use.
  8. A

    Farecla clay mitt

    I have just brought one of these and wondered who else has used one ? Any good? What did you use it with just soapy water? Or a dry car with the body detailer they say touse? Cheers guys great site for help and info :thumb:
  9. mercmanuk

    lambs wool polishing mitt

    Lambs wool polishing mitt,brand new never used cost me about £15 i think. the neck of the mitt is a little small for my wrist £6 delivered
  10. mercmanuk

    Lamswool polishing mitt

    genuine lamswool polishing mitt never used as i cant fit my large hand size 10 gloves through the wrist band cost me £10 £5 delivered
  11. D

    Sponge or wash mitt?

    Which is the best for washing a sponge or the new type wash mitts?
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