1. clk320x

    Spark plug mix and match

    Hi guys, I need to have my spark plugs changed on my V6, (12 plugs) Kindly a member of the forum sent me the P/N for my plugs using EPC (to my Vin) I saw an auction on eBay for 6 genuine MB plugs, brand new in the box. So I put in a bid and won them at £15 delivered (like to eBay...
  2. Maurauth

    New SLK250 125 edition - Bit of a mix up at the dealership!

    Thought I might as well post it here as well as on the SLK forum I've joined. Had a bit of a mare yesterday after putting a deposit down on an SLK250 CDI, I started to have second thoughts as it didn't have the airscarf, COMAND and I just wasn't sure about having a diesel "sports car"...
  3. M

    Oil Change - can I mix grades URGENT

    Hi All, Doing an oil change on my W202. Bought 2 x 5 litres from ECP at the weekend. Foolishly, I didn't check they gave me two of the same stuff!! I've just poured 5 litres of the 5W40 Shell Helix Ultra (229.5 spec). Was just about to pour in the contents of bottle 2 when noticed it's...
  4. D

    service - can i mix oil type??

    Hello I have 2 engine oil left overs of 4 liters of oil from my previous 2 service. One is a 5w30 and the other 5w40. Both low sap. Can i use both or do i need to buy another 5 liters of either?
  5. nick mercedes

    should rich people have to mix with poor people?

    "George Osborne just got on at Wilmslow with a standard ticket and he has sat in first. His aide tells ticket collector he cannot possibly move and sit with the likes of us in standard class and requests he is allowed to remain in First Class" George Osborne raises standard in first-class...
  6. G

    Can I mix fuchs and mb transmission fluid?

    Hey guys, The supplier only sent me 3 quarts of Fuchs transmission fluid by accident, I wanted to change my fluid in the next couple days and decided to go buy an extra 2 quarts from the dealership so I didn't have to wait. Can i mix Fuchs and Mercedes trans fluid together? They are both...
  7. foxy1305

    Petrol Diesel mix

    what a numpty. I've just put pertol in my diesel MB. In my defense my mind was elsewhere and I was rushing as teh station was closing but thats still no real excuse. So what damage has been done. I had about a half tank of diesel and I put in 83p of unleaded before I realised. I have now...
  8. bpsorrel

    BMW in the mix to buy Saab!

    So, finally the "European car manufacturer" has been "named" that are one of the interested parties to pick up Saab from the administrators. A "Large German manufacturer based in Munich" (BMW) it would seem are looking to develop a FWD chassis and as Saab's Phoenix platform was already...
  9. C

    Why mix mono-tube and twin-tube shocks?

    While scouting around for a deal on some OEM shocks for my S202 (thanks again for the kind advice gents), I noticed the Sachs catalogue seems to list the older Mercs as having gas mono-tubes all round but most of the newer Merc models (except the highest performance ones) have twin-tubes on the...
  10. Howard

    Storms and wind turbines don't mix.

    Wind Turbine Explodes in Flames at Ardrossan, Scotland (Picture Gallery) :eek:
  11. W

    Can you mix dot 4 and dot 5.1?

    Can you mix dot 4 and dot 5.1 brake fluid? A Google search gives an inconclusive answer so does anyone know for sure what the answer is? I guess people like to know why such questions are asked. Well, I'd like to change the brake fluid of one of my cars, of course. For other cars in the...
  12. C

    Diesel Fuel Mix

    I have had a few issues with the fuel economy of my C250d Sport manual, since I bought it. However, in a discussion with the dealer principal, he raised the issue of fuel source, which in my case was Sainsbury's. He immediately suggested this might be the source of the problem and pulled out...
  13. C

    Dizzy cap and rotor arm mix?

    :(I have just received a rotor arm and distributor cap from Europarts (I am now waiting for them to get back to me). They sent the wrong parts. I ordered both parts by Bosch, alas they have sent me a Bosch rotor arm and a Bremi distributor cap. So while I am waiting for them to ring me I...
  14. poormansporsche

    Opinions (Criticisms:)) of my mix and match wheels ?????

    alright peeps, did have style 2 reps 7 1/2's all round but really fancied wider rears so found a couple of other style 2 reps that are 8's but although im liking the extra dish not sure if i can live with the fronts being a slightly different design !! thoughts Before: after ...
  15. gina2201

    Laptops and Cups of tea do not mix....

    This is the second time I have spilt tea on my laptop, first time was a while ago I threw a cup of tea over the keyboard. Luckily, quickly turning it upside down and drip drying was all that was needed. Today (or rather, just now :rolleyes: ) I have spilt some tea on the bottom corner of my...
  16. H

    London AMG Car club mix

    Anyone in London with amg class cars want to meet, IM thinking of drivng from ace cafe threw central london back to afes cafe for bit of fun, anyne interested tell me. Sundays a good date
  17. NW_Merc

    Why MB and Max Power do not mix

  18. N

    Can I mix 2 sizes of tyre?

    May be an odd question this one? I currently have 4x225/40/18s all round but know the correct size for my W210 is actually 235/40/18, I can't really afford to replace all 4 at once and my rears are getting near renewal time so I am thinking could I run 2x235/40s at the rear with 2x225/40s at the...
  19. gklau

    Mercedes Mix Tapes

    Hey guys, Free music from Mercedes Benz! Quote: Discover something new again and again with Mixed Tape: musical variety in MP3 format. Exclusive pieces from new international artists available as free download compilations every six to eight weeks...
  20. Mike Buley

    300te electrics and water mix......

    Whilst on the motorway 2 days ago my newly replaced radiator (new tensioner unit which needed the radiator moving) let go of its top hose, emptying the whole coolant system immediately. After nearly filling my pants I managed to stop hopefully before cooking my engine. I refilled it and carried...
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