1. nick mercedes

    2002 Mercedes ML270 - £950

    ML270, loads of history, well equipped car - electric memory seats etc, pm for more details
  2. J

    W163 ML270 Low fuel light & "pinging"noise from around fuel filler

    Hi Folks, I have a couple of oddities that I wonder if you can help with. First is that the low fuel warning light does not come on. I know this as the car ran out of fuel completely a while back and it had to be recovered by the good old RAC. The gauge works fine, it's just that the low...
  3. N

    ML270 CDI (W163) Tracking completely off

    I've recently bought a 2004 ML 270 CDI and the car is pulling to the left, a lot! so much so that you have to hold the steering wheel to the right to keep it centered. There is wear to the inside front right tire but not to the left front. I've taken it into Kwik Fit and they confirmed...
  4. M

    W163 washer nozzles

    I've a 54 plate ML270CDI. I've been trying to source washer nozzles for the windscreen as they seem blocked or badly adjusted. There are three of them and they are a weird style - flat with no pin-adjustable 'ball bearings' common with other models. I'm able to remove them and I've cleaned...
  5. C

    ML270 Tuning box

    Has anyone got or used a diesel tuning box on an ML270 please? I've seen mixed stories about them so would like to hear from users. Thanks
  6. R

    front suspension on 05 ml270

    What can be done to stiffen up the front of my ML270 as it bounces over rough ground, any suggestions welcomed.
  7. M

    Wanted ML270 7 seater

    looking for well cared for, low mileage ML270 7 seater. (facelift) Prefer tow bar as well if possible. please get in touch if you have one to sell. Cheers, Steven
  8. M

    Looking for Ml270

    Hi all, I'm new obviously. Currently looking for a nice ML270 7 seater. I live in the Isle of Man so it makes it hard to find something. I nearly bought one in London this weekend but discovered a few problems with it so walked away sadly. So, if anyone knows of a well cared for ML270 7...
  9. 91dm

    W163 ML270 BAS ESP, ETS & ABS Lights, C1100 Fault

    Hello, Hopefully someone might be able to help me on this. My ML developed a fault last week, BAS ESP, ETS and ABS lights came on followed shortly by the EPC light. It's an 04 ML270, 170k miles. New battery few months ago, no other faults before this. After a quick search on the...
  10. JohnDavies

    No/Little heat Merc ML270 CDTi

    Firstly thank you for allowing me to join this fantastic club. I have a small problem ( i hope) in that when my engine is up to max temp i only get cold air in the cabin. Yet if i stop the car and park up for 4/5mins then restart the engine i get luke warm air even though my temp setting is at...
  11. D

    Wanted ML270 inlet manifold

    Hi guys anyone got one of these spare?
  12. V

    W163 (ML270) Fuel Filter Housing/Pipes

    Just serviced my ML and now it will not start!. Noticed the fuel filter housing is cracked and the connector/pipe to the fuel tank is very brittle (Assume air being drawn in hence not starting) If I fill fuel line/filter then does run but wont restart as soon as I switch off (Lots of air bubbles...
  13. D

    ml270 automatic not shifting gears up or down

    hi all I have an ml270 128k miles which is running fine, kick back works/no smoke etc etc but it has suddenly stopped allowing you to manually shift up and down the gears About twice a month it will go into a limp mode and I just turn it on and off then its good again, driven every day so...
  14. R

    HELP! ML270 heater booster relay burnt

    Hi guys !! Help please !!! Where can I buy the whole unit for the heater booster relay (MB # 0025422619) as it's melted & unable to remove the burnt fuse. I have been to my local MB dealers but they don't have a clue at all. They can supply the 60 & 30 amp fuses but not the relay unit...
  15. B

    ml270 failed emissions test

    Hi had my ml in for test and it failed emissions test, too smokey, 3.35 when limit is 3. Is there anything that can be checked on star to see whats causing this?
  16. D

    ML270 gearbox valeo radiator advice

    Hi guys, I have read somewhere that certain models of the ML270 were fitted with valeo radiators to cool the gearboxes? Heard horror stories that they can leak resulting in damage to the box. Which years were built with these or was it just pre-facelift that had them?
  17. D

    ML270 cracked overflow coolant tank

    Hi guys noticed this tonight that the overflow tank is leaking. Anyone know best place to get them?
  18. D

    New owner ML270

    Hi guys, great forum. Not long had an ML270. Looking to do a few bits to it, mostly preventative maintenance. Loving it so far. :D
  19. L

    W163 ML270 Retrofit Onboard Trip Computer

    Hi Ive read loads of guides and forum threads on retrofitting the onboard computer. Ive got a couple of questions and was wondering if anyone on here had done this and could share their experiences. 1) why do some people cut a hole in the lens? Presumably factory fit would show through the...
  20. J

    ML270 (2002) exhaust removal

    Hi folks, Is it possible to remove the centre box and tail pipe without cutting off the tailpipe on my ML270? The tailpipe is welded to the centre section, but the replacement parts I have ordered come as two parts (They are the correct parts and will fit). A Mercedes specialist told me...
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