1. B

    ML270cdi 7 seater - can seats be taken out?

    Hi there Just got a 270cdi 2004 - primarily for horse trailer towing and general use. Just wondering if can take/remove the extra 2 seats at rear which fold away - just for extra space etc. Thanks
  2. S

    New member with ML 270CDI

    Hi All, new to Mercedes and new to the forum. Just bought an old (54 plate) ML 270 CDI and will probably have loads of questions. Originally from Germany, but got Asylum in Scotland 11 years ago. Was treated well up here in the north so will stay. Cheers Spencer17
  3. peanuts

    ML270CDi Fuel draining back to tank

    Hi Friends, Due to a change in circumstance I now have to park my ML facing up-hill on my drive and it appears that the fuel is draining back to the tank as it takes ages to start which it never did (and doesn't) facing downhill. With a full tank it will still start OK but at 1/2 to 3/4, no...
  4. M

    2002 ML270cdi Low Range/Transmission problems

    Hi Would appreciate some advice/assistance Have just acquired an 02 ML270cdi. On start up the low range light flashes several times on the dash before going out. A friend connected a diagnostic reader which came back with the following codes. Would be grateful if anyone can advise if these...
  5. W

    W163 Rear shock struts 2000 ML270CDI

    I recently purchased a 5 seater ML270CDI And have been working through all the issues in finding. (Was a rushed purchase and didn't have time to look it over very well before I purchased it and it is my first Merc) first tasking was the "Black Death" as I've come to learn its called. Figured...
  6. T

    ML270CDI Limp Mode Without Rev Limit Possible?

    Hi Guys, I've just been through the whole choked inlet manifold saga with my ML270. At the EGR was putting into limp mode with a 3000 rev cap. I've removed the swirl flaps and cleaned the EGR. Since putting it all back together it ran fine for a couple of weeks. I put the remaining pipe...
  7. M

    Nightmare purchase ml270cdi 2001 help req

    Hi All I bought a 2001 ml270 with 125k on the clock, the owner said it needs the swirl flaps done and sold me it for £1500, it seemed to be on limp home mode and have very little power, kickdown didn`t work, nor did cruise control or the horn. It still got up to speed hills it struggled on...
  8. gIzzE

    FS: 2002 ML270cdi

    I am going to advertise this as we don't really need a second 4x4, but if I am honest I don't really want to let it go, I am being told that it is silly to have a second 4x4. :rolleyes: The car is in pretty good nick all round. The bad bits are... Rear passenger side arch has a crease...
  9. C

    Please help!! ML270cdi

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I have a 2003 ML270cdi and I am experiencing a problem on cold start. When it is idling it judders to the point where I think its going to stall. I think find that when I manage to pull away (say from a junction) there seems to be a lull in the gear...
  10. Pillabenz

    New ML270cdi owner

    Hello everybody, Just purchased said vehicle and im looking forward to it blowing up on me, you know what i mean. Anyway, not new to Mercedes but its my first ML and my second CDI engine. Cheers. :thumb:
  11. Pillabenz

    Wanted - ML270CDI

    Wanted, ML270CDI Auto - 02,03,04 Facelift model, Preferably Silver or Black. Any condition considered bodywise/Interior, as long as its solid mechanically. Thankyou. :thumb:
  12. C

    Locked out of ML270cdi 2005

    Mercedes ML270cdi 2005, doors won't open with remote or drivers' key. Battery flat I guess - haven't used the car for some time(garaged) How do I access the car? No manual key access on this model. Other than damage the car, is there a way to open the door locks/hood to change/charge the...
  13. MWCLS

    How reliable is a w163 ML270CDI?

    I'm thinking of purchasing one, as the wife's current 2 door car isn't going to be suitable with a baby on the way, and i dont want to have to use the CLS as a baby lugger! I have read horror stories and at the same time lots of good things. I'm looking at spending £5,000.00 although for the...
  14. simonafloat

    ML270CDI Oil cooler?

    Hi all I have an Ml270CDI, 2002 UK facelift model with a 5 speed tiptronic box. How can I tell if mine has a separate oil cooler fitted, or was it fitted as standard on my model. Just trying to rule out the glycol in ATF scenario with my misbehaving gearbox. There appears to be a little...
  15. R

    2002 ml270cdi

    I'll post a fuller description later, but owing to landing a new job with company car, the ML has to go. In brief, Azurite Blue/ Cream Leather. Privacy glass, heated seats, memory seats, 11 months MOT, tax to October, just had fuel pipes/ thermostat, about to have a new boot handle, 94,000...
  16. D

    ML270CDI Yellow warning ligh reducing power

    Hi please can you help me. While driving my 2002 ML the yellow triangle warning light started flashing and the power was reduced. After 5min it stopped. This has happend about 6 times in all types of weather conditions and speeds ranging from 50-75mph. Plus now I can only set the cruise control...
  17. KNU7S

    Mercedes W163 ML270cdi rear wheel outside tyre wear any ideas???

    I have had my ML for 18 months and in all that time rear nearside tyre has been wearing unevenly on the edge. I need to replace the tyre but obviously want to sort the issue out before i fit a new tyre!. It has passed the MOT without any issues, i am thinking that a bush has worn but am...
  18. C

    ML270CDI tax cost??

    Morning all, Picking up the ML270 tonight - needs to be taxed. In my excitement I sort of forgot to check how much it will be for 12 months! I don't have the MOT etc until tonight so can't do it online but wondered how much it is? Dealer thought it was the astronomical 400-and-something but...
  19. R

    Opinion on ML270cdi

    Chaps I had a E300TD a little while ago and had bad luck with it. Ive since been driving an Audi A3 2.0 tdi but I lust for another Mercedes! Im interested in the ML270cdi. Is it nice to live with? I mainly drive at 70mph commuting.. Im looking at the 5-6k mark early 2000's / sub 100k miles...
  20. M

    bursts of air from engine

    Hi, I am uneducated diesel head. Need help with my 2000 ml270 cdi. Was working on the engine today cleaning and servicing. Put all back together, apart from engine cover and started it. Then I heard a pop noise from the top of the engine. When I went to investigate, there was tiny bursts of air...
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