1. B

    ML430 Power Steering woes RHD

    Hi All, I've (still) got my Merc ML430. Ultra reliable.....apart fom jammed lamella roof...which I can live with. BUT - leaking oil from (low pressure?) hose. Does anyone know where I can get part numbers, or an exploded view of this area? There are plenty of US-LHD vehicle pictures floating...
  2. D

    ML430 shed of the week on PH

    Shed Of The Week: Mercedes ML430 | PistonHeads Neil
  3. The _Don

    Shed Of The Week: Mercedes ML430
  4. B

    2000 ML430 Oil choice

    Hi everyone, Ive recently bought an ML430 (W Reg - 2000) LPG. What would be the recommended oil for it? It says on its last service 5w 30 fully synth was used, is this right? Cheers
  5. Z

    ML Common Faults.

    Hi All, I am thinking of buying an ML430, I have a W210 Estate and a CLK convertible, both with this engine. I'm usually pretty good at picking decent cars, we have been running older mercs for 15 ish years back the 123 series estates, are there any areas that I should pay special attention...
  6. A

    ML430 starting issue

    Hi all, i have searched the forum to try and find an answer before i post, however i couldnt find anything that fitted my problem. Long and short of it is that My ML430 was driving fine, parked it up Sunday night and Monday it wouldnt start. it will crank but just wont fire, have tried it...
  7. M

    Tailgate Lock ML430

    Hi all the tailgate lock on my 2000 ML 430 has just given up the ghost How do you remove the cover trim to Inspect the lock and associated wiring and are there any things to whatch out for! Mike
  8. D

    W163 ML430 Modified exhaust (unleashed V8)

    Hi all i had been meaning to do something with my exhaust for a while as the suitcase sized silencer is getting a bit ropey and ive had to weld it up once already and really i wanted it to be a bit more vocal as i think its criminal owning a V8 that doesn't sound like a V8, finding a...
  9. D

    New hub centric spacers fitted (ML430) front & rear

    Well another box ticked on my to do list: Had my brother-in-law knock me up front and rear hub centric spacers today 20mm rear 15mm front. Here he is machining the billet alloy then drilling the holes: Spacers for W163 ML - YouTube Spacers for W163 ML - YouTube here's some before and...
  10. B

    ML430 W163 Winter tyres

    Hi All, I'm running the standard 17" 7-spoke alloys with standard 275/55/17 tyres (TOYO Proxes S/T). Fine for summer, but I want to prepare for the cold winter months ahead. I've got some 245/70/17 Nexen winter tyres which I want to stick on a spare set of rims, but wonder if anyone's had any...
  11. T

    Selling my ML430

    Sorry forgot to post it here, not long to go so apologies for late post MERCEDES ML430 on eBay (end time 01-Jul-11 11:13:03 BST) Thanks Andy
  12. T

    ML430 for ML55

    As above thread description, anyone daft enough to fancy a ML430 - ML55 AMG swap? possible cash? If needs repair not really bothered as long its road worthy. Mine is showroom condition btw... Andy
  13. T

    ML430 AMG De-badge

    What you guy's reckon? Better with or without? AMG badge was on from previous owner and Ive never liked it on. Andy
  14. H

    ML430 Wanted

    Hi, Im after a nice clean ML430, have spent alot of time looking around but cant find the right one, budget wise around £5K, would prefer a well loved clean car with service history and perhaps a tow bar! May be seeking the impossible but if anyone has one please contact me. Im in Warwickshire...
  15. I

    ML430 Dashboard illumination problems help please

    hi all i have just bought a 1999 ML430 and after a week the dashboard backlight has stopped working,the lights and everything electrical works except the wing mirror retract button ? when i twist the light/indicator stalk the display for the odometer and time goes dim as it should but none of...
  16. JohnnyRob

    ML320 Vs ML430 MPG

    I'm looking for an ML prefacelift W163 to convert to lpg to replace an ageing Mitsui Pajero 2.8 turbo diesel. I was initially considering the V6 3.2, but have seen a few V8 4.3s up for sale at a more favourable price. From what I can ascertain, the 430 only does a couple of mpg less... Is...
  17. J

    Command in ML430 (99) or New DVD System

    Hi all, New to the forum and have done a quick search with no luck pin-pointing a command (163) install on a 1999 ML. I wanted to know - If I buy a 163 Command model will this run my Merc 6 Disk CD Will I need a cradle or will it fit as is Where will I get the antenna and leads Do I...
  18. F

    ML430 SPluttering issue

    All, New to the forum but thought I would ask for help. After visitng 3 seperate dealers no-one has an answer to this so I am hoping someone here can help. My ML430 (2000) drives really well, then if I do 80 miles ish at a speed between 85 - 95 on motorways, all of a sudden the car starts...
  19. jimmy

    Command in an ML430

    I have managed to persuade a friend to buy a 1999 ML430 Carlson. It looks the dogs danglies but is missing a Command install which he wants me to sort out for him. Does anybody know if this one will fit a 1999 ML? The vehicle already has a CD-changer, would it be compatible with the...
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