1. S

    57 Plate 320CLK CDi - Engine cover and mob Phone!

    Just bought this and have an annoying little rattle when first acccelerating - thought it might be the engine cover as it doesn't want to 'clip' onto the two rear mountings (just seems to sit on top of them, not sure why??) I Have the Audio 20 system fitted to it and altho I have telephone...
  2. S

    Mob Phone Contacts

    Just got a new C-Class Coupe and have paired my iPhone with the car but my contacts are all displayed as Last/First name. Spent the last hour going through the Audio 20 options but can't see anything to swap them to First/Last name? The setting & contacts list in my phone are all First/Last...
  3. Noodle-Pulp

    Are we an angry mob?

    I read this first in the news .. next I get it in an email.. are they trying to tell me something?
  4. scotth_uk

    Are you happy with your Broadband mob? I wasn't!

    Long story, but I have hand enough of the crap customer service at Pipex. Really loved their broadband, but in my experience (3 connections, 3.5 years) their phone based customer service is not as good as it could be. Helpful people working within a hopeless infrastructure. All I wanted...
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