1. 5

    150ML Mobil Jet Oil ll For superchargers

    Just finished changing the supercharger oil of my cls55 and got the rest of the Jet oil remaining, For reference I believe this is the M113K engine, so if you have these engines this is the correct oil for you but please do you own research. £12 per bottle Posted send me a PM if interested...
  2. Happytalk73

    F1 Mobil 1 240cm challenge

    Just been emailed this from McLaren. Worth a look if you like F1 a little. McLaren Formula 1 - Mobil 1 presents the ?240 cm challenge? with Jenson Button Ant.
  3. bob6600

    Mobil 1 New Life 0W-40 5L on offer

    For the next 5 hours, it's on for £30.55 delivered for Prime members on Amazon. Roughly same price as Costco but delivered free to your door. Also not everyone has a Costco membership or one local to them. May help someone. Mobil 1 New Life 0W-40 Engine Oil 5L: Car & Motorbike
  4. karozza

    Mobil Jet Oil II

    Anyone Know where I can buy this online in the UK??
  5. Bri

    Mobil 1

    Just to let you know Halfords have Mobil 1 ESP 5w30 on offer at £41.59. I know some of you can get it cheaper, but that's not a bad price.
  6. M

    Mobil 1 oil varient question

    Hi guys, Yes , sorry ,but another oil related question - I'm sure has been asked before but I cant find a definitive answer. I know its expensive but have decided to put Mobil 1 0W-40 in my 2003 ML270 at the next oil change. I have 2 options as far as I can tell: Mobil 1 0W-40 turbo...
  7. paulbenz500

    What grade Mobil 1 for cl500

    hi guys I've been looking online and been given this info for the oil for my 2000 year merc. I'm just double checking before I buy some & a filter,Thanks in advance :)
  8. E

    Mobil jet oil II

    As above guys where in the uk can I get a tin of this stuff in the uk?all the stuff on the bay is in the US.thanks in advance,btw for my supercharger(thought I would give it a treat).
  9. K

    Anyone with a can of Mobil jet 2 oil??

    Been looking online and contacting Mobil stockist for this oil and beside find a supplier that does 24 cans. Does anyone know where I can get this oil from? It's for the supercharger on a e55. The Merc dealer does not stock it. They only offer the one for the M271 engines and not the M113...
  10. S

    Costco Mobil 1 New Life Oil

    Popped in to Costco today to buy 10 Ltrs of mobil 1 ready for my next service and they only had Mobil 0-40 new life. Now i know i need 0-40 but not sure what the New Life means, Is this suitable for my car 2002 SLK32 AMG Thanks
  11. J

    Mobil One Turbo Diesel engine oil

    Hi I'm having a garage clear out and have spare mobil one turbo diesel engine oil for sale - its 0-40W. No longer needed having sold my E320CDi estate. I have an unopened 5 litre bottle, and two part filled 5 litres (with two / three litres remaining) also a pretty full 1 litre top up as...
  12. J

    Mobil 1

    Best place to buy? Price for 5l? Not member of costco!!
  13. Bri

    Mobil 1 offer

    Hi all you may have seen it but if not.... Halfords have Mobil on offer 30% off making ESP 5w 30 £36.39p, think its on till Monday:bannana:

    Mobil 1 New Life.

    Hi guys, I'm new here and my (new) 2002 ML55 AMG is coming tomorrow. I have always done my own oil and filter changes; engine, diff, gearbox etc., and I will be changing the engine oil and filter first. The recommended oil is Mobil ! New Life 0w-40, but because the car has done 90k miles I'm...
  15. Borys

    Mobil One ESP 5w/30 for sale

    Hi, Sold my car and left with 8ltr of Mobil oil Any one intrested? Will take 60 quid for the lot Collection preferable or buyer arrange currier Or I swap for Castrol fully syntethic for my Bmw Thanx
  16. A

    Mobil 1 0W40 at Halfords

    Now down to £34.99 (online discount), £39.99 in store. An extra 10% discount using code A13CM04= £31.49:bannana:
  17. ringway

    Mobil 1 ESP (5w-30) 5 Litres. £41.59 at Halfords.

    Mobil 1 ESP 5w-30. A good deal at £41.59 for 5 litres (especially if the trade card deducts 10% at the checkout). I would bet the trade card discount will only apply if bought in-store. It's still a good deal. LINK.
  18. grumpyoldgit

    20% Off Mobil oils @ Halfords

    Just walked past my local Halfrauds and noticed they have 20% discount on their Mobil oils. Didn't check as to what they had available, but think it would be a nationwide promotion.
  19. B

    Mobil 1 0W-40

    Hi Guys Car told me the other day to top up with a Litre of oil at next refuel. MB tell me that i need Mobil 1 0W-40. So went to buy it when filling up at a Shell, and they only have Shell Helix. Anyone know which garages i can get mobil from rather than hae to go to Halfords?? Cheers Bully
  20. R

    Mobil 1 oil for sale in 5 litres. £26

    Hi I have Mobil 1 oil for sale in 5 litres. Its Mobil 1 New Life 0W-40 and its brand new. Its ideal if your going to supply your own when get your car serviced at MB. Please PM me if interested. Thanks Ian
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