1. Spinal

    Mobil1 for £12.50

    Tesco seem to have Mobil1 (0w40) on for £12.50, which seems like a shockingly good price... Tesco - 5 Litres Mobil 1 0w 40 Fully Synthetic Oil Just £12.50 instore - Hot UK Deals - Page 2 May have to pop by my local tesco extra to fill the boot... m.
  2. npuk

    Mobil1 Oil

    Mobil1 0w40 Fully Synthetic Turbo Diesel oil. Only opened today for an oil change. Only needed a bit from the second bottle. 5 litre bottle, just over 4 litres left. Meets requirements of: ACEA A3/B3, A3/B4; API CF Approved: Mercedes Benz 229.3, 229.5; VW 502 00, 505 00; BMW Longlife - 01...
  3. mobeyone

    calling all mobil1 users

    How often do you top up? I had my c320 serviced about 3k miles ago and got a message advising 1.5l is needed... I was told by numerous sources this would happen because of how thin the oil is... anyone confirm this? thanks in advance
  4. G


    Where's the best place to by Mobil1? I used to use Costco but my card has expired & it's not worth renewing it just for the oil. Anyone using any other oil which is as good but cheaper? Thanks guys
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