1. A

    RAC wins Mobilio

    As above, no longer Mondial assistance running the aftercare programme, RAC have the contract. Allegedly same contract standards, so bear that in mind folks.
  2. P

    Which cars have the 30 year Mobilio warranty?

    Bit confused. I keep hearing conflicting info. Some say its only cars registered upto 2008, others say different. Can anyone clarify please? Just don't want to buy AA if I have the Mobilio thing. Thanks
  3. crockers

    French Woes ..but Mobilio to the rescue.

    Well one day into our trip - driving along the autoroute and suddenly no pull up the hill....Sacre Blue I'm being pazzed by zee little renault and I can do nozing abut it..mon dieu. Hmmm - changing down gears manually doesn't help - so I pull into a service area. Engine Management light comes...
  4. crockers

    Mobilio to the to see if Warranty Direct pays out.??

    Driving up the road the car goes into "Limp Mode" and the engine management light comes on. I turn around and drive the half mile to my home - engine has no power etc. Get indoors and call my local MB garage - they advise me to call Mobilio. I do so and a Service Technician is here - plugs...
  5. aka$h

    Mobilio Rust wanrranty - Replacement car?

    Just had a call from MB Bromley, my rust claim on the w210 (2001 Y) has just been approved. They need the car for 2 working weeks, which is quite some time to be without the car. Its the only estate in the household and is in constant use. When I asked about a replacement vehicle, I was told the...
  6. Birdman

    Mobilio Question

    The earliest my car can be booked in for its next main dealer service is January 4, 2008. The last dealer service was Jan 3, 2006 so two years and one day between scheduled services. Since I'd be mad to lose Mobilio cover through a single day's overrun, does anyone have experience on how MB...
  7. glojo

    Mobilio Warning

    We have just had the Mobilio technician out to our car and he mentioned something I wasn't aware of. One morning at about 2-30am this technician was called out by mobilio to a car that had run out of petrol on the M5 (just south of the services at Taunting Deane) The technician poured 2...
  8. glojo

    Mobilio breakdown

    We have very recently had occasion to use the mobilio service and as a result of this I have just received a questionnaire. I was extremely impressed with most aspects of the service, but before returning the form I thought I would ask here to see if anyone has anything constructive they would...
  9. glojo

    Rust on Mobilio covered cars

    Dieselman has raised a very interesting and very valid point about rust on ALL the recent range of Mercedes-Benz. This has now got my complete attention. How many of us that own vehicles that are still COVERED BY MOBILIO have experienced corrosion problems and have now made a claim to get...
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