1. A

    What's the car? Modding

    Some people must think these look good :D just for a laugh her are some modding gone completely wrong :dk: Bless em for trying though :cool: And the best till last :D Post a picture of the most shocking modified car you have seen :thumb:
  2. K

    W140 modding options advise needed.

    Hi guys.I have a 1996 S280 with a low mileage so just wondering what the options are.Anyone fitted a turbo/supercharger kit or fitted engine swap etc.Any info will be beneficial.
  3. nickjonesn4

    E55k modding plans for 2017

    So... have had the following mods done in the last 18 months... E/C Heat Exchanger E/C Headers and Primary Cat Delete E/C Remap E/C 82mm Supercharger Pullley New Bosch I/C Pump Quaife LSD Car now sat at 554 BHP and 653 lb/ft torque Over the winter I'm getting 6 panels resprayed and...
  4. R

    Happy Modding Day!

    For those of you who remember I bought my very rare W204 C350 Elegance just over two years ago. When I got it I knew I would have to add a few mods and on the first day I owned it I took it to Comand Online at Lightwater where they expertly installed Comand with 6 DVD changer and Linguatronic...
  5. Pitts Pilot

    Modding my SL exhaust system

    Having owned my R230 SL350 for a couple of years I have always enjoyed the sound the V6 makes, although it’s not particularly audible unless the top is down. So I would like to increase the exhaust sound slightly. Not so much as to sound like an AC Cobra or a Harley Davidson, but enough to...
  6. R

    there goes my GTR and modding money!

    Wifey stumbled across this during the week, and there today goes my GTR dreaming, and any major modding for the 55K for the foreseeable future!:( On the other hand, wife has new car, I have spare track day car,:pLOL, well in my dreams anyway!
  7. KillerHERTZ

    My New W209 CLK - Large Modding Project

    Here she is, my 2003 W209 CLK270 CDI: Extremely happy with my final choice of replacement over my trusty W202 - you will be missed! :( I know its not the 3.2 diesel, but the power output feels amazing, even though its meant to be the same as my C240. Real headturner aswell, had a couple...
  8. S


    Hi Guys Im new to the forum business having just bought a c220 cdi 125 amg coupe Ive done close to a 1000 miles and im loving the car. This is my first diesel car after owning quite a few petrol cars some which have been a real privilege to own. The only issue i have is that...
  9. M

    A little modding

    Hi all I know that modding a mercedes can be controversial, There are the purest where original look will only do. Any way I like the odd mod here and there, am not talking wide arch body kits Am talking little things like fog upgrades odd little boot spoiler subtle bits and bobs viper...
  10. Whitey

    Case Modding anyone ?

    Hi guys - just wondered if anyone was into case modding ? :bannana:
  11. imadoofus

    Car Maintenance / Servicing / Modding

    I'm interested in peoples' own positions with regard to servicing, maintaining or modifying their cars So; Do you do any work yourself, or would you if you had the facilities (space, tools etc)? Do you give everythign to a specialist/indie, or does it all go to the dealer to keep the service...
  12. G

    modding my w203 c270 cdi

    I'm looking for some new bumpers for my c270 at the moment the car is on 16 inch alloys and i want to give it a more sporting look - preferably AMG style bumpers + wheels. I saw a CLK Amg spec and was wondering how easy it would be to get CLK bumpers as parts for the 203 aren't that widely...
  13. kjay

    Fantasy modding.

    Not much spare cash for the past 6 months, so I've not done any more mods or jobs on the car that I'd like to.:( I'm guessing there maybe a few in a similar position or just been sensible and holding on to their cash for a while. So, I thought it might be a bit of fun to see what we all would...
  14. Alfie

    When will R2D2 resume his modding?

    So when do we all think R2D2 will resume his modding? Amongst the most prolific modders here, my bet is within a couple of months something will change on the car.
  15. R

    Been modding I'm finished!

    You will remember that I have been experimenting with suspensions, ride heights, springs, dampers etc. I bought an avantguarde but thought it too high and too soft. I then bought C32 springs and they made the cornering awesome but getting the ride height right was difficult even with different...
  16. R

    Bored Modding!

    I had no mods to do today so I changed the side lights to PIAA Extreme Whites. The photo shows left standard , right new. Worth it??
  17. NW_Merc

    Modding to the max
  18. A

    Time to start modding my ML 163

    OK, So I've had it a few months now and as with any car I have owned I like to add a few bits to sort of make it my own if you will.. While away in France recently (will post some pics etc when back on Broadband at home...) I spotted a 163 ML with chrome door runners (the long trim which...
  19. Ian B Walker

    The modding bud has got me

    One of our members had me fit an AMG exhaust system to his car. Wifey (his) did not like it and insisted he revert the car back to standard. Me being me, looked at said system and thought, that will look the dogs on the coupe. Soooooo deal done, now going to fit (C30AMG?) exhaust to coupe. Then...
  20. Howard

    Useful w124 modding info .... Its all based on a US spec 500e , but some of his mods are very nicely done ... Lots of cool mods including HID conversion, auto dimming mirrors etc .. Some good technical info, what will and wont fit etc .... Hope its of some use to everyone ...
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