1. mercmanuk

    netgear dg832g modem router adsl2+

    Netgear dg834g wireless g modem router as new boxed,manuals,cd's etc used half dozen times full spec below Wireless Broadband Routers: DG834G £30 delivered or £22 collected from manchester area
  2. BaldGuy

    PC/Laptop Memory - Vodafone USB Modem dongle x 2

    Hi all, I have various RAM for PC and Laptop. Dont ask me what fits what as I have no clue.... PC 2 x 1Gb Pc2100 Dimm 266MHZ DDR (LD) Hynix 1 x 256Mb PC2100U - 25330 266MHZ DDR 1 x 1Gb 266Mhz Dimm Kingston ASPS1820712 Laptop 1 x Promos 512Mb DDR 333Mhz PC2700U Dimm 1 x MT 256Mb DDR...
  3. garystu1965

    Broadband modem advise please - can I buy a splitter for two RJ45 cables ?

    I have a wired modem into my PC. When I work from home I swap the cable from the PC into the modem to the cable that runs from my laptop. Is there some splitter device that allows me to plug both in at the same time so I could use both PC Internet and laptop VPN at the same time ?
  4. MrT

    Belkin Wireless N Modem Router

    Boxed in as new condition, done factory reset. Includes mains adapter, telephone line cable, software CD and quick-start sheet. Model number F5D-8633uk-4. Can be used for ADSL broadband or as a wireless N access point, etc. Has connections for 4 wired network devices and upto 16 through...
  5. Gollom


    Changed to cable, hence sale. Includes filters and I am asking £25 including postage
  6. garystu1965

    BT Voyager 210 modem - what this unlocking mullarky ?

    Hi all, I've got a BT Voyager 210 modem and all the associated bits with it (filters, power supply etc. I was on BT but changed to TalkTalk so I'm selling it. Do I need to unlock it ? What's that all about then ? Does anyone one here want it ? If so PM me and I'll see what I can do...
  7. E

    Nokia 6300 & D-Link Rangebooster N Modem Router For Sale

    Hi Nokia 6300 This was an upgrade with Vodafone. It is locked to that network but can be unlocked easily. It comes with a PAYG sim card. The box has been opened and the phone was charged at the shop. Everything otherwise is as new. Its in mint condition. See...
  8. MikeL

    1961 Mini - £150,000 (Modem!)

    (Sorry for quality - camera phone) Well £150,000 worth of mods to be accurate. Snapped at the local ICE store. Of note is the fact that it is still driveable (not sure about road legal) and has had hidden body mods that improve the sound and increase the longevity of the bodywork. The dials...
  9. A

    home/office wireless router and modem

    D link 802.11b wireless Router (model Di-514) and D Link modem Model DSL 300T Both brand new and boxed - bought for a project which never took off link for the router - link for the modem -...
  10. N

    Where to get a wireless modem advice.

    I need to get a wireless modem to plug into my PC, a 2 month old Dell Dimension 3100. I'm told the thing it's working with (apologies for the technical jargon) is - Netgear, 108 mbps, 2.4 gig, 802.11g. Do I need to buy a Netgear product or are others compatible? Where is the cheapest place to...
  11. A

    D Link Wireless networking router and modem

    D Link Wireless networking router and modem DSL 300-T ADSL modem, connects direct to your phone line with ethernet out connection DI514 802.11b Wireless router 4 point switch. both brand new and boxed including set up CDs, power supplies etc, ready for use. £50 the pair plus postage...
  12. BTB 500

    ADSL modem / wireless router question

    I have a nice new Belkin F5D7633uk4A ADSL2+ modem / wireless router. Reading through the setup instructions last night, it needs to be connected (by supplied Ethernet cable) to a PC in order to configure it. Fine so far. My question is, can I then disconnect it (to move it to another room)...
  13. A

    Linksys Wireless modem.

    I got my self a Linksys Modem to compliment my new laptop and also for I move my PC to where I have always wanted it. Anyway I have got to the set screen and I do not have a clue how to set it up for BT broadband anyone know the settings.
  14. Madferrit

    Any Wireless Modem deals?

    I'm looking for 4 wireless modem/ routers. Anyone seen any good deals around? Doesn't specifically have to be anything branded but i want fairly good coverage and has to be a doddle to set up and maintain. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. SilverSaloon


    Hi mother-in-law wants a laptop (but doesnt want to spend much). So if anyone has an old-ish laptop (anything over 200mhz should do) that has a colour screen & a 56k modem built in for under £100 let me know. not bothered about software (as i have all of that), and the battery doesnt...
  16. SEM

    BT Modem Blocker

    This should probably be in the IT section... A must have tool for anyone who still has a modem in their computer. No more premium rate surprises???
  17. BenzComander

    Tiscali Broadband Modem Problems

    This problem is becoming more and more of a problem! When I turn on my computer everything starts up OK. Launch Outlook to download emails and it asks to dial Tiscali. Press dial and I get an error message that it cant find remote computer and it will redial in 60 seconds. If I then quit...
  18. KillerHERTZ

    XP reinstall, no driver for modem?

    Ive just reinstalled XP on my brothers Evesham laptop, when I tried to create a 56k modem connection, it say that it couldnt find a driver for the modem. We dont have the orignal disks anymore, and this laptop cannot connect to the net. Any idea's where I can get a modem driver? Using...
  19. B

    CLK320 Avantgarde (low res - modem friendly!)

    Personal Collection Hi folks, as promised here are some pictures of my recent trip to Bremen to pick up my CLK320. The trip was absolutely fantastic and I would have no hesitation recommending it to anyone else who orders a new car. Plus, the brucie bonus was we got to see a new SLK in the...
  20. Simon

    OT Wireless Modem

    I am thinking of getting one of these and wondered if anyone has any experience of them. My main concern is losing connection speed, as it's slow enough as it is through my exchange and there's no Broadband available. Thanks.
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