1. Parisien

    Wheres the moderators???????????

    Come on guys step up and delete all these spamming threads!!!! :wallbash::wallbash::wallbash::wallbash::wallbash::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::fail:fail:fail:fail:fail:fail:fail:fail:fail:fail:dk::dk::dk::dk::dk P
  2. dubsR33


    Hey chaps sorry i did message privately via the 'contact us' bit, but I've still not had a response back.. i ordered from the online shop some side window stickers a while back which still haven't arrived and a request to change my name slightly etc any ideas? Cheers :thumb:
  3. Koolvin

    ATT: ALL moderators

    Can you all see the VIP board under the STAFF ONLY section at the bottom of the page?
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