1. P

    W124 Power Aerial with Modern DAB Head Unit?

    I'd like to fit a DAB into my 260E, but retain the power aerial for FM use. I realise that I'll have to fit either a splitter or an additional DAB aerial, but modern head units don't seem to have an output signal to power the electric aerial. I guess I could use a feed from the ignition and...
  2. CLSMark

    Best looking modern era Benz?

    My vote goes for Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. M

    Modern Classics magazine needs a W211 E63 AMG for a photoshoot

    Hello, it's Nathan here from Modern Classics magazine. Apologies for the dual post from the AMG lounge, but I'm hoping that someone know somebody with one! Given the nature of the feature we're planning to do, it would be a shame if an AMG wasn't there. We're looking for a Mercedes-Benz AMG...
  4. M

    Modern Classics magazine needs a W211 saloon E63 AMG

    Hello, it's Nathan here from Modern Classics magazine. We're looking for a Mercedes-Benz AMG E63 saloon W221 for huge feature on attainable super saloons. The premise of the feature is mid 2000s Supersaloons from £15k-£30k, and we'd like AMG to be part of the equation. We’re looking to shoot...
  5. F

    Modern, Classic Ferrari's at the Classic & Sports Car Show
  6. Borys

    Modern classic insurance Q

    Guys, Just bought back my s500 w140 Is there a chance to put it on classic insurance Its a 1998 model I will only use it occasionally Any recommendation?
  7. O

    Modern leasehold properties

    Eldest son is in the process of purchasing a !0 year old property in Lancashire and I was surprised to see it was not freehold but on a 999 year lease which had just been renewed. GR is £75 pa. Friends in the same town have also been purchasing brand new homes which are also leasehold. I thought...
  8. T

    Mercedes Media Interface cable for modern iPod, iPhone 5> etc

    Like Reflexboy, I bought this Apple Accelerator to Mercedes Media Interface cable thinking it would work in my 2011 build car. It works for charging only, but for the more recent cars I presume it does everything. These are £50-£60 from Mercedes or via ebay. I'll add the part number once...
  9. whitenemesis

    Modern MB Technology Explained

    Might be of interest.. Welcome to the Mercedes-Benz TechCenter.
  10. grumpyoldgit

    Modern Watches - Too Complex, or Innovative?

    Knowing that there are several watch collectors who frequent these forums, thought I would share this video. As the title says. innovative, too complex, or just gimmicks? They're certainly different ! (Obviously speeded up in parts). watch?v=QLS5zPyAB9s
  11. Scott_F

    A Rare Piece Of Modern Art Just Coming Onto The Market.....

    OK - it's possibly a slightly compromised piece. But I still wouldn't be surprised to see it end up at Sotheby's........
  12. E

    r230 sl replace command with modern system

    My 2003 r230 has command 2 with bose and i want to replace it with a modern system with bluetooth etc. Any suggestions and whether the cabling can link to the bose upgrade and whether steering wheel buttons will work?
  13. K

    A modern take on Sinclair's C5?

    So I saw a real C5 yesterday in town - I'm sure this only happens in Cambridge! - and this had me wondering: - Considering the advances in electric motors, regenerative braking, batteries, energy efficient lights, carbon fibre and CAD/CAM design; - Coupled with a more energy-conscious...
  14. soups74

    Comand 2.0 modern replacement?

    I have a mercedes clk 2003 model, with a factory fitted comand 2.0 unit. The unit features a sat-nav and tv which the tv worked fine in analogue until the digital switchover. Therefore, now doesn't work! Rather than upgrade the current unit to install a digital receiver for tv, I'm wondering...
  15. D

    How to break a modern Mercedes?

    After reading the forums regarding the TG special, I am intrigued by what the cars went through, and how likely a modern car would actually cope? I just know mine would throw a wobbly at lots of what those cars achieved, which is maybe why all the challenges now involve them picking 10 year or...
  16. Mat B

    Recommend a modern home cinema system.

    Hi all I'm looking to update my current system (celestion and Marshall) and get a modern looking home cinema system. I've had a quick nosey at what Bose has to offer but that's about it. Can anyone recommend a decent system please Thanks Matt
  17. A

    What modern steering wheels fit a 202?

    I'm not after control buttons or paddles, but are there any later steering wheels that would fit with minimal fuss into a 99 202? Or am I best just finding a sport wheel?
  18. L

    Modern (widescreen command) SL R230 sat nav map updates discontinued...

    Seems silly but after trying two discs from mercedes, its evident that they now don't offer updates for this model command, if you know otherwise do let me know...
  19. Aletank

    Modern Small Engines & High Mileages ?

    I'm just wondering what peoples thoughts are on manufacturers putting these small eco type engines in big cars . For example Ford have a 1.6 in the Mondeo & 1 Litre in a Focus, Vauxhall a 1.4 in the Insignia, Mercedes putting a 1.6 in a C-Class & probably the E-Class. These cars are typically...
  20. Hayabusa1984

    can you retrofit a more modern comand into a w210?

    Hi everyone just as the title says I want a comand fitted to my 2002 E320 CDI just wondering is the newer models able to work in it from the w211 onwards? And also what I would need??
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