1. pmcgsmurf

    W212 E250 CDI Sport (2010) Modification Suggestions ?

    Hi folks I'm getting itchy fingers with one of the 2010 E250 CDI Sport cars. ;) Anyone any suggestions on what I could add? Was thinking maybe LED sills or puddle lights or similar but any suggestions appreciated. It has 16k miles, Panoramic Roof, Comand, DAB, Climate, Leather heated...
  2. N

    Folding Mirrors - modification to stop them causing issues?

    Hi, When I bought my CLK one of my favourite convenience features was the power folding mirrors. Both my driveway and work car park are very tight and the auto folding mirrors made life a lot easier. I read on here that they can cause issues with the indicators/heater so turned the...
  3. KillerHERTZ

    My Modification Service: W209 CLK Complete Interior Facelift

    In the early days of the forum, it was common practice for people to do their own mods as it was alot easier back then. Changing bumpers, updating lights etc could be done without the need to plug the cars into STAR and what-not. We even had a large thread on this call the 'Modtanica'. As time...
  4. D

    New C32 24hr modification marathon WOW it's totally transformed

    Hi all I'm back in a Mercedes my last being a CL55 about 18 months ago and last Sunday I picked up a C32 AMG. Here's a few pictures of how it looked when I got it home: My wife said it's very plain and very grandad'ish which made me sulk So I immediately started planning what I...
  5. jhosk1981

    Thinking of making some changes to my CLK320 Coupe

    Hey guys, I'm at the stage with my car where I either swap it, or make a few changes to it. Thinking alloys/body kit/remap/speakers etc etc. Have any of you guys made any decent modifications to your CLK coupe? If so, any ideas would be great. Thanks. James.
  6. smoothrider

    Craziest 126 Modification EVER.

    Created for the new Mad Max film.
  7. P

    Modification w460

    Hi. I am currently working on modifying my w460 g-class from a om617a (turbo) to om602.982 (from an e-class), and since the starters are on different sides i am going to need a new gearbox. I currently have a 5speed manual gear box and would like to fit a 5 or 6 speed manual with the new...
  8. S

    CLK55 CAB Exhaust modification

    Hi Guys, So this isn't tuning as such, but thought this was the best place to put it. I've got a CLK55 CAB, which I have sourced some genuine AMG tips for a quad conversion. Here's the thing, I don't want to remove the original back box with AMG tips, it's in perfect condition and tbh, all...
  9. Red C220

    New S212 E Class passenger seat modification advice

    We were due to take delivery of a new E class this month. Background. Mrs Red is a wheelchair user (MS). She can transfer herself from chair to car with a little help but walking is extremely limited/not happening. We decided this year to opt out of the Motability scheme due to the...
  10. Mat B

    Whats Your best modification so far?

    Hi all I was just wondering what modification whether it either being complicated expensive or cheap that you have got the most out of personally The reason I ask is i am unsure of want direction to go next with my (w211) e55. I'm happy with the interior and styling now with some new...
  11. chriswt

    Get some modification inspiration from the best

    Beautifully done: bmw 525I SE E34 | eBay
  12. Alex

    My exhaust modification

    Had both rear boxes removed today by EMP Performance. The sound is superb, not screamingly loud, just a nice V12 purr. EMP is a great team of people. Phoned them before 9am this morning, was booked for afternoon slot the same day. Here's the result: I'm going for a ride now, can't get...
  13. A

    VW/Audi 5th gear modification

    Hi Guys, I'm contemplating modifying my 5th gear to make it longer on the VW, because I've read it is fairly simple to do. However I have not seen one successful write-up with pics or any info on where to get the parts using google! My car is averaging 60mpg at 70mph on motorways most of...
  14. K

    C270 CDI EGR modification

    I've seen a posting somewhere on the forum about a member that did an EGR modification on his C270 CDI. Why would one do that, more power? What does such a modification typically entail? There are also a number of postings regarding inlet manifold flap/servo motor problems. Can someone please...
  15. Movi-Star

    C55 buying & modification tips please

    Guys, im interested in buying a 05 plate C55 AMG, what are the things to look out for when checking the car over, any common faults/problem areas? Also be interested in increasing the power, are there some good things to do to up the power to say 450bhp, decat (x-pipe?) remap, any other things...
  16. borz


    Hello I have a Mercedes C Class 180k w203 estate 2007 57 the last one before the new shape, the question is I like to change the front face into the new shape because i like the new shape MB ,I like to do it by buying the bonnet and front skirt and lights of w204 and fit them on my car? Would...
  17. P

    Modification to iphone cradle to charge 3GS?

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know if it is possible to modify the original iphone cradle so that it will charge the latest versions?:confused: This might also apply similarly to the ipod interface, which also does not charge the latest models. I would imagine that the power is available, and...
  18. 6CylinderMerc

    W203 Front Indicator Bulb Holder Mod - Tech Help Needed Please!

    I have had an ongoing problem with the car thinking that the O/S front indicator bulb has blown and the foglamp acting as a substitute. The problem doesn't happen all the time but MOT time is drawing near and the problem is becoming more frequent. It sometimes clears after turning ignition off...
  19. D

    W124 V8 Modification engine fit

    Hi, I fancy having a little play about with my 1988 W124, and was wondering if anyone knows if thee 5L V8 engine fits? I have managed to locate a cheap 2nd hand lump & possibly for a few extra quid i might be able to get the box to suit. Good idea? total waste of time? would be a laugh? what...
  20. LeighW

    New modification to my CLK...

    ...Colour coded grill! I wasn't sure whether I'd like this or not, so I saved my mint chrome grill, and bought a 2nd hand one of ebay for £12. :D £24 spent at, a couple of evenings' work, and bingo! I know it won't be to everyone's taste, but I'm really pleased with it...
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